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Lerna is not Dead!! MonoRepos are still there.

Photo from Lerna

Let’s look at the significant improvements and additions made with Lerna 5.1

  1. In Lerna, third open source package “Nx” was added that can be used to schedule a task. It increases speed of Lerna workspace by range of 2x to 10x. As Nx has the caching ability.
  2. Having Nx integrated, makes build faster and also we get some features of Nx for free.
  • Nx Project Graph: It visualises our workspace and the connections between the packages.
  • Distributed task execution: It divides the task in subtask to improve the speed.
  • Distributed caching: The output of every previously executed command, such as testing and building, is cached by Nx so that it may replay the results rather than re-running them.



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