Drip.Com — the Savior of Newbie Bloggers

For email subscription management, there are hundreds of services available. Only a few can do the job — especially for newbies.

Bloggers like me stay in touch with our audience through email newsletters. And we often give visitors a free eBook or a guide for their email id.

I looked for a subscription management service and stumbled on MailChimp — probably because it’s popular. It’s free up to 2k subscribers. Sounded good to me and I signed up for the free tier.

In search of a better solution, I also got my hands on ConvertKit, the problem: it doesn’t have a free tier. Same goes with Infusionsoft; but, it has far more features though.

Don’t get confused here.

Free trial — a particular period for which you can use the service for free.

Free tier — the service would be free forever until you reach certain limits.

I installed a WordPress site on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It doesn’t matter where you host your site as long as it suits your needs.

MailChimp didn’t provide a native plugin for WordPress. That means to place popups and forms on my blog I had to touch the code. But I was little afraid I would screw it up.

Well, I did screw up many times before.

I found, however, a third-party plugin that supports MailChimp integration with WordPress.

With the help of that plugin, I placed a newsletter sign up form in the sider bar and at the bottom using the widget option.

And I planned a popup that would come across the bottom-right corner. For that, I got my hands a little dirty with the code. But it was easy though.

When checked, the pop-up gave problems: Sometimes it wasn’t at all showing up, and the other times the close button on the popup wasn’t working.

I spent few hours on that issue, and I couldn’t resolve it.

After two days, I googled, “email marketing providers,” and clicked on the first link. That is from wpbeginner.

I checked the first one, Constant Contact, on their list. And it wasn’t convincing as it didn’t provide a free tier.

The second one was Drip. And the description said it is the most beginner friendly service and has a WordPress plugin.

I checked it out.

Here’s what drip offers:

  • Free up to 100 subscribers
  • Every feature will be available
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Charges start from $41 per month if you exceed the free limit
  • Yes, you must file a credit card to sign up

Let’s look back at MailChimp free tier:

  • Free up to 2k subscribers
  • You can only send 300 emails per month, you have to buy extra.
  • Not all features will be available: Like automation, rules.
  • The forms are not intuitive like those of Drip.

For me, Drip is the real deal.

I installed the Drip native plugin for WordPress. And placed a popup box in the right-bottom corner. It worked so far very smooth with no glitches.

Also, the Drip interface felt so lovely to work on.

I spend two hours on Drip, and I was able to set up a popup and a few campaigns. It felt so easy. Trust me, and try it; you would also feel it comfortable and fast to set up.

Concluding Thoughts

I don’t know how Drip would compete when you compare its premium plans with the other services.

Drip is, however, to my knowledge, is the best one for newbies. You can manage it yourself. And the best part, you don’t need to spend a ton of time.

If you have found something free that is better than Drip’s free tier, please let me know. I’d be happy to use it.

Originally published at My Blog.