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We are excited to announce a partnership between 0x& and Hatten Gaming Guild. This partnership represents a step forward in the integration of blockchain technology into the world of gaming.

Hatten Guild is a leading gaming guild in Vietnam with alliances over most of the Vietnamese gaming guilds. They have built a reputation for creating engaging and immersive gaming experiences that keep players returning for more.

Vietnam is important in the blockchain gaming market due to its large population of tech-savvy gaming enthusiasts, its growing economy, and its favorable regulatory environment for blockchain technology. The Vietnamese gaming market has seen rapid growth in recent years, making it a promising market for blockchain gaming companies to expand into.

0x& X Hatten Guild

Together, 0x& and Hatten Guild are poised to revolutionize the gaming industry by introducing blockchain technology into the gaming world. By advancing 0x&’s solution in blockchain and the knowledge of Vietnamese gamers in Hatten Guild, the two companies will create a new standard in the industry.

0x& will be able to leverage Hatten Guild’s expertise in gaming to create blockchain-based solutions that are tailored to the needs of gamers. This will enable 0x& to develop frameworks that are intuitive, engaging, and easy to use.

We are excited to see the innovative solutions that this partnership will bring to the gaming world. Through the partnership, we thrived to get an opportunity to further understand the Vietnamese gaming market and expand our target market.

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About 0x&

0x& develops various frameworks necessary for NFT games and Dapps. Its solutions can be used to make a better Web3 ecosystem. In particular, the NFT rental solution which is currently in development enhances the participation of gamers through easier NFT accessibility.

Collaborating with global partners in expanding its business, 0x& also works as a validator for XPLA and HAVAH. 0x& aims to release its own web3 games in the future.

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About Hatten Guild

Hatten Guild is a leading gaming guild throughout Southeast Asia. Their passion for blockchain-based games has increased their potential and volume, making them the lead in the Vietnamese P2E gaming market. As the blockchain game market in Southeast Asia grows and attracts interest, the value and number of Hatten Guild are also increasing.

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Zero X And
Ragnarok: Monster World

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