Scala cake pattern

Be simple, look stylish

Jan 31, 2016 · 5 min read
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1. Traits

1.1 Traits vs Interfaces

1.2 Traits vs Abstract classes

1.3 Traits for multiple inheritance

2. Self typed annotation

2.1 Usage

this: Lambda 
val universe = new Calculus with Lambda

2.2 Self typed annotation vs Inheritance

2.3 Why inheritance is bad

3. Cake pattern

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3.1 Component

3.2 Employee DB component

val employeeDb: EmployeeDB

3.3 Employee Service Component

4. Dependency injection

4.1 EmployeeHandler

this: EmployeeDbComp with EmployeeServiceComp =>
val employeeHandler = new EmployeeHandler with CassandraEmployeeDbComp with SprayEmployeeServiceComp 

4.2 Component initializing on the fly


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