The little things in life

It’s important in our lives that we value the little things. As we get involved with our career and lives in general, we start getting burnt out. The same routine, every week, forever. Sound bloody scary to me!

Most working friends I know of, go through this.

Mon-Fri: Work from 10am to 6pm.

Fri night: Usually go out for a party/dinner/drink with folks from office/flat.

Saturday: Sleep the entire day from the previous night’s hangover, scroll endlessly through facebook.

Sunday: Nothing much to do, watch some TV series / movies and done.

Its Monday again!

People tend to get stuck in this cycle for years together. After a couple of weeks, there’s nothing to look forward to, nothing to make you feel fresh. Of course interesting and challenging work is a variable that could deeply affect whether you’re as energetic on Monday morning vs a Friday afternoon, but after a point you need something along with it. Imagine going to the same office, in the same cab, on the same road, to work with the same people, to use the same laptop, to eat the same food, to checkout at the same time, everyday for years together. I can feel shivers go down my spine, by just thinking about this.

But you need something to keep you fresh, something different. Something like mint leaves in your mojito. They’re not absolutely necessary but it makes it look nice and fresh. Similarly in life, there is something simple and easy like the mint leaves we forget about.

The little things in life that seem insignificant but can actually make you feel wonderful. So below are a couple of things I do/happens without intent, on a regular basis. These are the mint leaves in my mojito! Many stupid, some fun and a few nice ones.

  1. If possible, try to enter/leave office at different times everyday of the week. Somedays really early, somedays late — just for a change.
  2. Try out different modes of transport. Keep shifting between your bike/car, cab, auto, bus or even a cycle if distance to your office < 10km.
  3. If possible, try to change your work station/chair/pin ups on the soft board, whatever, just for a change.
  4. Try to break for lunch at different times and make sure you order different variety each day.
  5. Make sure you do something interesting apart from work, at your office each day. I spend 10% of my daily work time to read up / research about stuff outside of my work, that may or may not help me, but it keeps me interested!
  6. In the middle of working hours, try to ring up a friend/family, talk to them briefly. No whatsapp/text but actual voice. This is something that works for me really well.
  7. Try to poke into what work your teammates are doing and disturb them! Sorry Nikhil Kumar :P
  8. Shut your laptop in the middle of the work day and go for a walk. Make sure this happens on random times each day!
  9. On weekends, don’t go party with the same people. Try to join a sports/trekking club so that your day starts early with something healthy and fun.
  10. Try to meet someone not from work every week! Tinder, social clubs etc. whatever works for you. I personally end up meeting a lot of entrepreneurs/our mentors but its a good change to have anyway!
  11. Learn to cook, try out new recipes etc. Two in one — you feel happy and lunch is served!
  12. Ring up your best friend and talk to him/her for hours on a Sunday! Probably someone you could speak your heart out to and vice versa. This gives me a much needed relief. Could be your friend, gf, mom, dad — whoever.
  13. And simply cherish the fact that we have good place to work at, good food to eat and good people around us! Just thinking about how lucky I am, makes me feel fresh and motivated.
  14. Maybe occasionally, fight with someone, your best friend/gf/sibling, whoever. Ends up happening to me quite often. So there is some drama in life. And love them back again, after the fight!

And they’re many more little things that I tend to do or happen, but you get the drift. Something different each day that fits in the routine, no matter how little and insignificant it may seem!

Lucky for me, I have the freedom to do all the above at my work place. Or else you could just work your way around stuff!

Have more ideas? Let me know in the comments :)