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Online event: Guess which team will win — Join the game to win rewards!

RAI Finance aims to build the TOP social + DeFi ecosystem in the blockchain industry. The core contributors are exploring more and more innovations. During the international football event, RAI Finance will combine the DeFi and football game, providing more joy to all users. Join the race, guess which team will win and get more rewards!

이벤트 시간:

UTC+9 Time Zone

  • Start: 1:00 20th Nov. 2022
  • End: 19th of Dec. 2022

Rules and rewards:

What’s the reward?

In order to promote RAI Finance’s new function — Head & Tail game, and let more users experience the international football event, RAI Finance will allocate rewards to all users joining the online event.

  • Total reward: 150,000 points
  • 100 points = 55 SOFI*

How to play the game?

Step 1: Enter in https://app.rai.finance/#/

Link your ETH wallet, and find the Head & Tail page.

Step 2: Choose the football game you’re interested in!

Please check below to see the football event timetable. Not every game will be involved in this event, but we hope you will join in every available game. Games will have different reward points, depending on its importance in the competition.

Only Qualification Round (From the Round of 16, timetable for other games will be added.)

Step 3: Pick the team you think has a higher chance to win

Participate in the new race as soon as possible, as the users who participate in the new race quickly will get a larger proportion of rewards.

You can pick your team from 24 hours before each football game, till the official beginning of each game in real life.

Feel free to pick your team — you don’t need to spend any points nor ticket fee to join the race. The only cost will be the Ethereum chain gas fee.

  • Users can participate in every race.
  • Users can participate in the ongoing race only once.
  • Users cannot join in the race after the real Game has begun.
  • After the actual game is over, the user who predicted on the winning team receives points.

Step 4: Check on the result and get your point

After football game is finished, if there is a winner and a loser, the winner team supporters will get the point based on below formula:

  1. 10 Point for everyone who participated in one game
  2. Qualification round: Winners will share 2,000 points for each game (Total 13 round)
  3. Round of 16: Winners will share 4,000 points for each game (Total 4 round)
  4. Round of 8: Winners will share 7,000 points for each game (Total 4 round)
  5. Round of 4: Winners will share 10,000 points for each game (Total 3 round)
  6. Final Round: Winners will share 20,000 points

If it’s a draw, all participants will share the reward points equally.

Join as many games as you can, because you will have a chance to win Lucky draw reward points!

How will the reward be distributed?

  1. Reward points will be distributed automatically after each game ends.
  2. The reward points will be sent out as SOFI rewards which will be distributed within 7 days after all the games end.
  3. RAI Finance will provide reward details after the event ends.
  4. Participants with less than 100 points will not be included for the reward
  5. About the lucky draw, 30,000 points will be shared to the Top 100 users who participated in the most games, points reward will be calculated as below:

A’s reward point = Number of Game A joined / Total number of game Top 100 users joined * 30000

*Disclaimer : All the reward and operational details are subject to change and all rights are reserved by the Rai Finance platform.

Welcome to join in and enjoy the game. If you have any questions, please join the RAI Finance community!

Medium: https://medium.com/rai-finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaiFinance





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