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RAI Finance Beta2.0 Public Test [Round2 Winner List]

Dear RAI Finance community,

Since RAI Finance launched the Beta2.0 public test event, thousands of users joined in and created nearly 3000 portfolios.

More than 50% of users created valid portfolios, and more than 30% of portfolios are profitable. Thanks all your support, look forward to seeing more creative portfolios and insight from RAI Finance community.

According to our public test event reward plan, the second round was finished in SGT 11:00 AM 14th Oct, welcome to check below to see the winner list.

1. Highest Portfolio Return of the Week

1st 800 RAI

2nd 500 RAI

3rd 300 RAI

2. Highest Number of Portfolio holders of the Week

1st 800 RAI

2nd 500 RAI

3rd 300 RAI

3. Lucky Holders of the Week

200RAI/ each

User Address:




4. How to apply your ETH main net address to receive reward

After SGT 11:00 AM 10th Oct

Connect your wallet

Click [Account] and choose [edit profile]

Please add your ETH main net address in the corresponding space

  • The main net address will not be shown to the public
  • All rewards will be distributed within 5 days after the end of the public test event.

We have extended the Beta2.0 public test event until SGT(Singapore Time) 11:00AM 21th Oct. The third round of reward event is underway.

Check here to see more event details: https://medium.com/rai-finance/extension-announcement-of-rai-finance-beta-2-0-global-public-test-campaign-d59595b6e327

Follow the RAI Finance public channels for future updates

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▪ Medium: https://medium.com/rai-finance
▪ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaiFinance
▪ Telegram: https://t.me/RaiFinance
▪ Github: https://github.com/RaiFinance



RAI Finance aims to become the epicenter of the Web 3.0 world, through the issuance of digital assets, cross chain trading and its social trading platform.

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