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RAI Finance Launches Rebranding Plan

RAI Finance product has become more and more mature since the two rounds of internal testing and now the Beta 2.0 version is open to the community. With the continuous development of the product, RAI Finance has also determined the future positioning direction, continuing to focus on building a “Financial Epicenter of Web 3.0 World” and in-depth development of “distributed finance” + “social” products.

In order to allow the global community to have a clearer understanding of RAI Finance, and to enable RAI Finance’s native token-RAI to have more trading liquidity in the future, we decided to start a new round of RAI Finance rebranding plan. This plan will be carried out with the participation of the community and will consist of the following three parts:

  1. Based on the Beta2.0 version, invite users from the global community to participate in the award-winning public test campaign, and continue to optimize the product.

*Public test campaign time:

SGT September 30th 11:00 — October 14th 11:00 , 2021

*Link for entrance: https://raifinance.medium.com/rai-finance-launches-global-public-test-campaign-of-beta-2-0-303c90619ff2

2. Optimize the details of the RAI Finance official website, add the test token faucet for the public test, and optimize the product Wiki.

*Official website link: https://rai.finance/

*Faucet link: https://betapro.rai.finance/

3. Initiate a community vote to change the ticker of RAI Finance’s native token

*Check below to learn how to vote.

How to participate in the vote for the token ticker?

The RAI Finance team has currently proposed three candidate tickers based on the project’s positioning. The community will be able to vote through Twitter poll and Beta 2.0 Portfolio holder voting.

Candidate tickers:


On behalf of RAI Finance, the letter F is added on the basis of RAI to increase recognition

2. RFS

Representing RAI Finance and Social, adding the concept of social trading


Representing Social plus Finance, strengthening the concept of social trading

Voting time:

SGT October 1st 18:00 — October 4th 18:00 , 2021

Voting channel A:

Community users who have followed RAI Finance’s official Twitter account can click to vote in the designated Twitter Poll.

Twitter Poll link: https://twitter.com/RaiFinance/status/1443848196359262211?s=20

Voting channel B:

The RAI Finance team has created a portfolio named after three candidate tickers in the STS (Social Trading) section of the Beta 2.0 test product. Testing users can receive the test token (based on Rinkeby) from the faucet to invest in the corresponding Portfolio.

The Portfolio contract address is as follows:

RAIF: https://betapro.rai.finance/#/sts/portfolio/0xD46Aff7BdDA452376152C308e8aA8db7a246A0cb





Vote Counting Method:

Twitter Poll section: 1 twitter vote =1 vote

Portfolio section: 10 USD investment = 1 vote

After the vote event ends, the ticker with the most votes will become the new ticker of the native token of the RAI Finance project.



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