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RAI Finance: Why We Chose to Join Polkadot DeFi Alliance

RAI Finance joins Polkadot DeFi Alliance to Expand Ecosystem

We are happy to announce that RAI Finance will expand its ecosystem by joining for building DeFi infrastructure.

Polkadot DeFi Alliance was formed to bring industry-leading projects and cutting-edge teams together to propel the larger Polkadot ecosystem and the overall cryptocurrency industry.

In collaboration with Polkadot DeFi Alliance, RAI Finance can work closely with leading players in the crypto industry. We hope to expand our ecosystem to become a global decentralized financial market leader.

The alliance will host monthly panel discussions on the latest developments in DeFi and Polkadot Network with dynamic speakers, rotating hosts, and special guests, including Web3 Foundation and Parity Technologies. Starting with their first event this Thursday, title ‘Why Polkadot’ you can sign up here:

“Purpose of joining Polkadot DeFi Alliance is to create synergy and cooperate with potential projects in the ecosystem,” said Keonho Lee, RAI Finance CEO.

About RAI Finance

RAI Finance is a protocol designed to provide DeFi with a wider range of assets, a higher amount of liquidity, and a diverse set of financial use cases. When this feature set is combined with the Polkadot ecosystem’s cross-chain compatibility, it eliminates fragmentation across the existing DeFi ecosystem by bringing a complement of new assets and a higher amount of liquidity to decentralized finance.

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RAI Finance aims to become the epicenter of the Web 3.0 world, through the issuance of digital assets, cross chain trading and its social trading platform.

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RAI Finance

RAI Finance is a decentralized finance application that provides digital asset users with social trading system, aggregated swap on heterogeneous blockchains