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RAI Finance native token(SOFI)’s Value and Distribution

Get to know everything about SOFI

Dear RAI Finance community members:

With Bithumb and Huobi Global, leading exchange platform in Korea and China, an-nounced supporting RAI Finance’s token exchange, more and more block chain community fans have shown interests toward RAI. To bring to our fans a comprehen-sive understanding of the native token of RAI Finance platform, we would like to re-lease an overall introduction about SOFI.

What is SOFI

SOFI is the native token of RAI Finance, a cross-chain asset exchange protocol based on Polkadot. It is the primary tool for the project development and production operation of RAI Finance. The total issue will be 1,000,000,000 RAI.

SOFI Contract Address(ERC-20): 0xB49fa25978abf9a248b8212Ab4b87277682301c0

Where is the value of SOFI

SOFI, the native token of RAI Finance, will maximize profit by maintaining long-term value through the following functions and getting SOFI tokens as rewards.

Transaction Fee Burn
RAI Finance requires transaction fee for each transaction. Transaction Fees are divided into 50% of the fees de- livered to the liquidity provider and the remaining 50% into SOFI token burn.

Asset Generation
Both users who create assets based on their trading or yield strategies and users who invest in these strategies must stake SOFI, which correlates directly with their exposure.

SOFI token has a governance function for the protocol where token holders will vote on parameters but not limited to transaction fee burn, liquidity mining, pool staking fees, etc.

Network Incentives
A major portion of SOFI is allocated to attract and reward users and traders for providing liquidity on the protocol. AMM variability ensures users can maximize their profit by selecting the best liquidity pool while also receiving SOFI.

About the Distribution and Unlocking Mechanism of SOFI

Where is the future appreciation of RAI Finance(SOFI)

The implementation of RAI Finance’s future product plans, the continuous development of international communities, partnerships, and ecosystem will all bring values to SOFI. RAI Finance team is confident of establishing the sustained potential appreciation of RAI Finance(SOFI), together with all the partners and the KPA(Korean Polkadot Alliance), which RAI Finance initiated.

About RAI Finance

RAI Finance is a protocol designed to provide DeFi with a wider range of assets, a higher amount of liquidity, and a diverse set of financial use cases. When this feature set is combined with the Polkadot ecosystem’s cross-chain compatibility, it eliminates fragmentation across the existing DeFi ecosystem by bringing a complement of new assets and a higher amount of liquidity to decentralized finance.

Follow the RAI Finance public channels for future updates

▪ Official Website: https://rai.finance
▪ Medium: https://medium.com/rai-finance
▪ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaiFinance
▪ Telegram: https://t.me/RaiFinance
▪ Github: https://github.com/RaiFinance



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