Higher Iteration Options Available

There are additional Iterations choices in the Simulation Options:

Such numbers!

Choosing 30,000 or higher will also force the target_error SimC setting to 0.05% (probably overkill but seemingly preferred). When Iterations is set to 25k or lower, target error is not used (same as before this change).

Progress output when using 30k or higher may be a bit jumpier than normal as, depending on your spec, it may take fewer iterations than chosen to reach the target error level of 0.05% and Raidbots is not currently parsing the estimates from SimC.

One last note, your iterations choice is used for calculating Top Gear limits, not the actual iterations required based on the target error. E.g., if you choose 50k iterations but your spec only requires 25k iterations, Top Gear will still assume that 50k iterations may be necessary.

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