Top Gear & Azerite Powers

Grab the latest version of the SimulationCraft to better see Azerite tiers that are unlocked

Top Gear can now show which tiers of your Azerite armor are unlocked and locked when using the latest release of the SimulationCraft addon (1.10.5).

In addition, Top Gear has the ability to let you test out any combination of the Azerite powers available on your gear.

The Azerite Bar

The Azerite bar packs in a lot of information and functionality in a small space.

  • The yellow border means the Azerite power is selected and Raidbots will create combinations with it. When the page loads, it will have the your current powers selected.
  • Gray/dull icons are used for powers that are not available for your current spec.
  • Lighter gray background indicates the tier is unlocked based on your Azerite level from your Heart of Azeroth.
  • Darker gray background means your Azerite level is too low to use those powers right now.

Azerite armor from raids or mythic dungeons will show the additional tier.

Power Combinations

You can select multiple powers in the Azerite bar and Top Gear will generate all the possible combinations.

Select powers from multiple items, select powers your spec probably doesn’t care about! SELECT EVERYTHING

Be a bit mindful of selecting a lot of powers on multiple pieces of gear — combinations can increase very rapidly because of our old friend combinatorial explosion.

Once complete, you can see how everything stacked up in the report.

Each variation of the item with different powers shows up in the report

Technical Details

One note about the SimC addon — if you look closely, you’ll see that each item has an optional reforce= attribute now. This isn’t the resurgence of reforging or anything, it’s basically just a hacky way to transfer the item creation context from the game to Raidbots. reforge= is an old option that SimC recognizes and we decided to hijack that during 8.0 to avoid backwards compatibility issues (RIP #4000). SimC itself ignores the reforge option and so it won’t break on older versions of SimC.

Around 8.1 patch, the SimC addon will change to use the context= option instead.