Top Gear: Higher Limits

Due to the success of my Patreon campaign, I’m able to increase the iteration limits by 50% across the board for Top Gear.

Current iteration limits:

  • Non-Patron: 300k
  • Rare Patron: 600k
  • Heirloom Patron: 1.2m
  • Epic Patron: 2.4m

Maximum simulation time has also been adjusted to make sure these limits don’t result in a timeout. The Advanced Options now shows your maximum limit and is correct for your patron level.


Larger simulations are more likely to run into a couple of potential issues:

  • SimC running out of memory (more common for pet classes)
  • Simulation retry due to scaling/worker termination

I notify the SimC devs of out-of-memory crashes and they’ve been fixing a number of issues over the last few weeks.

Scaling/worker termination is just something that can happen to any sim though it becomes more likely as a simulation becomes larger. The scaling and termination are inherent in the way that Raidbots works — they are methods I use to keep site costs lower and tend to affect a very small number of simulations at a pretty rare frequency (something like 0.5% of simulations on the site are affected).

In general, if your sim gets killed/retried, it will almost succeed on the second attempt but there is a definitely a chance it might take twice as long (since all work up until the point where it was killed is lost)

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