Raiden Map: A Raiden Network Analyzer

Ethereum is the blockchain that we follow most closely, where smart contracts and tokens are differentiating components and unique to this blockchain.

But as with Bitcoin, it is rather slow and practically useless for payment transactions with low amounts.

Raiden Network is the most promising project built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, as it has the greatest potential to solve this problem.

In June 2018, we started to follow this project on its social-media channels.

We downloaded it on our servers and we update it and test it regularly.

Thus, we have been able to verify its progress, the professionalism of the development team, the precision in weekly releases, along with the courtesy and speed in responding to requests.

All of this increased our confidence in the Raiden Network project and its team, and then we began to wonder how we could contribute in an original way to the project itself.

We decided to develop an analyzer that provides both real-time and historical information about Raiden Network.

This is how the open-source Raiden Map project began.

Raiden Map will be a Single Page Application (SPA) with the purpose of providing relevant information on the evolution of Raiden Network, both historically and in real time.

“Real time” means that, in the final version, all the data about Raiden Network’s current situation will be updated little by little as there are changes in status on the network.

This data includes, among other things:

  • Number of full nodes and their IP addresses, ether, token. It will therefore be possible to display on a map all the nodes and connections among them.
  • Number of light nodes.
  • Number of channels and details on the channels. Having the details of the channels means having details of the total transacted. It will also be possible to measure (for example) how much a light client can transact on the network on average.

As far as we know, at the moment, data on transactions that have been or are being processed are not recorded.

Therefore it is not possible to provide any details on what is being posted and who is posting.

Using this data, we are going to build a transaction history thanks to a timestamp associated with every change in network status.

The MVP will consist of:

  • Infrastructure
  • Map
  • Details on the sentiments of the posts (Twitter, Medium, Reddit) related to Raiden Network and how they relate to different time periods on the network.
  • Forecasts of how the network will evolve

Who will Raiden Map be useful for?

Those who want to understand the use of the network to decide whether to commit resources (of any kind) to Raiden, those who want to be able to process statistical and historical data on the use of the network.

Anyone interested in investing (any kind of resource) in the Raiden Map project is welcome.