Announcing Raiden Community Voting on Snapshot

Community Voting is now live. Become the first Raiden community member to initiate a vote!

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3 min readDec 27, 2022

Just over a month ago, we launched Raiden’s Community Governance. Since then, we have seen the growth of community-led discussions on the Raiden Forum. Today, we are thrilled to announce the next step forward — the launch of Raiden Community Voting on Snapshot! We are ready for the first proposal and round of voting.

Community Governance Recap

If you missed out on the detailed process on how proposals are created and moved onto Snapshot for community voting, we encourage you to have a read on the Raiden Community Governance post. Our approach includes three key principles:

  1. Everyone may create informal proposals and discuss.
  2. RDN token holders may create formal proposals and vote.
  3. Raiden Trust will execute votes regarding the external development fund to the extent possible according to its trust deed and applicable regulations. Other stakeholders will use votes as guidance, but will not be bound by them.


To implement the second key principle, we drafted a proposal and collected feedback via the Raiden Community Voting on Snapshot discussion on the Raiden Forum.


The Raiden Community was very supportive of the proposal.

We discussed a number of important topics, especially the Vote Initiation Threshold Amount. Based on feedback, we decided to lower the threshold. Over 300 RDN token holders now have the ability to initiate votes. And others can purchase the required number of RDN tokens to initiate a vote for just USD $280 (at current prices). We believe this is the sweet spot — low enough for everyone to participate, but high enough to prevent spam votes.


After making revisions based on community feedback, we set up Raiden Community Voting on Snapshot with the following parameters:

  • Vote Initiation Threshold: RDN 10,000
  • Vote Participation: All RDN Token Holders (except Raiden Trust and brainbot labs).
  • Vote Timelines: Voting Delay of 4 Days & Voting Period of 10 Days
  • Vote System: Weighted Voting
  • Vote Quorum: RDN 2,000,000 Votes

And Community Voting is LIVE!

Community voting is now live! We are ready for the first community vote on Snapshot.

Step up and become the first Raiden community member to initiate a vote. It’s easy. Just follow the steps below. And, of course, the Raiden team is ready to assist you with the process if needed.

  1. Create a proposal on the Raiden Forum
  2. Collect support and feedback from the community
  3. Connect to Snapshot
  4. ‘Create Proposal’ on Snapshot
  5. Copy the proposal from Raiden Forum and paste it into Snapshot
  6. Initiate voting
  7. Encourage other members of the community to vote

Anyone holding at least 1 RDN token will be able to cast their vote for or against the proposal.

The Raiden Network is one step closer to fulfilling its mission to become a community-led protocol as we move into community governance in the New Year.

Join The Raiden Forum

By voicing your views, perspectives and ideas on the Raiden Forum you directly contribute to shaping Raiden. Proposals that show considerate traction are more likely to be submitted to community voting and subsequently to also be executed on.


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