Announcing the Raiden Forum

The Raiden Forum is now live! Everyone in the Raiden community is welcome to make proposals and engage in thoughtful discussions.

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3 min readSep 29, 2022


Raiden Forum

Two weeks ago, we introduced a path to robust Raiden Community Governance, including new processes and tools to help the community discuss and vote on important topics.

This path to Raiden Community Governance focuses on three key principles:

1. Everyone may create informal proposals and discuss.

2. RDN token holders may create formal proposals and vote.

3. Raiden Trust will execute votes regarding the external development fund to the extent possible according to its trust deed and applicable regulations. Other stakeholders will use votes as guidance, but will not be bound by them.

As our first concrete step along this path, we are excited to announce the Raiden Forum is now live!

The Raiden forum builds on the existing Raiden Discord server, creating a new place where everyone can share proposals and engage in positive and thoughtful long-form discussions. If a proposal receives significant support in the Raiden Forum, the proposal will then be sent to a RDN token holder vote on Snapshot.


The Raiden Forum currently has five categories of topics:

  • Protocol & Applications: Discussions about the Raiden technical infrastructure and specific use cases which are (or can be) built on top of it.
  • Grants: Discussions about Raiden Trust Grants proposals.
  • Proposals: Discussions about all other proposals.
  • Feedback: Discussion about the Raiden Forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.
  • Uncategorized: Discussions about other appropriate topics.

As the Raiden Forum grows, we will create additional categories. If you have an idea for another, please let us know.

Please note that the Radien Forum is not a place for discussions about general topics, RDN price/listing info, or support requests. (Head over to the Raiden Discord server for those discussions!)


To kickstart the discussions, we have created 2 topics — both in the “Uncategorized” category. Please read them, comment, and encourage other Raiden community members to join these discussions.

Community Manifesto: A summary of Raiden’s guiding vision and values, which will serve as a guide to the community as we move forward.

Community Voting: The configurations for the RDN token holder voting platform on Snapshot, including the vote initiation threshold, vote participants, vote timeline, vote system, and vote quorum.

We also encourage you to create new topics and lead discussions on issues which are interesting and meaningful to you and the rest of the Raiden community.


In recognition of the earliest contributors to Raiden Forum, we’ll be issuing limited edition POAPs for the first 10 community members to create new topics and the first 100 users to comment on existing topics. Collect both POAPs today!

Join the Discussion

We invite everyone to join the discussion.

If you are new to community forums on Discourse, we highly recommend their fun and quirky chatbot onboarding program. You’ll get a great introduction to Discourse. You’ll also earn badges which give you access to additional features and more powerful community roles. It takes about 5–10 minutes.

If you are already familiar with Discourse, we encourage you to dive right in!


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