Build with Raiden at ETHCapeTown!

We are thrilled to be sponsoring the ETHCapeTown hackathon from April 19–21, 2019.

At ETHCapeTown, we will reward the team with the most innovative use case built using the Raiden API or the best Raiden enhancement hack with $2000 in RDN tokens!

There are countless possibilities how you can get involved with Raiden during the hackathon, either building your own dApp on Raiden, integrating an existing project with Raiden, or enhancing Raiden itself with features or extensions.

Build dApps using Raiden for payments

Generally, Raiden aims to make payments for dApps easy by enabling fast and cheap off-chain transfers. This is especially interesting for micro payments or all kinds of streaming, paywall or IoT payments.

Below you find a list of ideas which could be built using Raiden as a payment layer with or without hardware involved. The list is obviously non-exhaustive and only meant to inspire.

Digital use cases / no hardware required

  • Build an interface / merchant plug-in, enabling websites or dApps to easily add Raiden payments, comparable to Stripe
  • Build a paywall solution with Raiden
  • Build a video platform, like YouTube, but with pay-per-video/ paywall (possibly integratable with IPFS and/or with a blockchain video project)
  • Build a video streaming platform, like Twitch, with tipping or streaming payments
  • Enable paid WiFi streaming per used min/MB/unit of account
  • Build a decentralized version of Patreon, a crowdfunding platform for digital content creators
  • Build a game on Raiden (for inspiration, have a look some Games on Lightning or CryptoBotWars)
  • Build an ebay like marketplace with Raiden payments (e.g. with a DAI token network)
  • …or whatever application you think could benefit from off-chain payments!

IoT and hardware use cases

  • Enable tokenized bike/ride/*whatever* sharing on Raiden
  • Hack a vending machine/delivery robot/drone
  • Let machines or devices receive payments, e.g. for weather sensor data

Integrate existing technologies or projects with Raiden

  • Create a BurnerWallet integration with Raiden payments
  • Governance tools + Raiden = 🖤 (?) Experiment with governance/voting done off-chain with Raiden (e.g. with Aragon, Colony)
  • Tip bots for social platforms like Twitter, or, even better Peepeth
  • Build a Telegram chat bot for micropayments
  • Integrate Raiden for incentivization or micropayments on Torrent or Tor
  • Enable payments with Raiden for Ethereum infrastructure, e.g. paying a full node or paying for blockchain data

Help us enhance Raiden further

  • Build a Raiden library for your favorite programming language, e.g. a JS library to interact with the Raiden API (possibly using the OpenApi standard to describe the Raiden API)
  • Easy end-user onboarding solution for Raiden (e.g. create hubs that accept any type of payment in crypto or fiat and easily onboard new users to a Raiden token network); this could also be integrated with the universal login idea
  • Build a mobile wallet or in-browser wallet for off-chain payments (assuming users already have a remote/hosted Raiden node set-up)
  • Port a simple version of the Raiden contracts to Rust (for ewasm)
  • Make a Raiden library for your favorite programming language utilizing the Raiden API
  • Work on Raiden visualizations, e.g. creating a different explorer or a live visualization of transfers
  • Anything you can think of improving Raiden’s DX or UX

Should you decide to hack on Raiden, please stay tuned for the launch of our new developer portal, which will have all the resources needed for you to get started. Also, please have a look at the ETHCapetown hackathon guide on Github, which includes an easy onboarding script and information for running Raiden on Goerli testnet.

For on-site support or questions feel free to reach out to Jacob or Franzi, who will be attending the hackathon. Additionally, other team members will also be available remotely via Gitter.

If you choose to hack with special hardware, remember to bring the required pieces with you. We wish you a successful and fun hackathon and are looking forward to seeing you there!

The Raiden Team

Make sure to stay up to date by following us on Twitter and Medium and joining the conversations on Reddit and Gitter!

The Raiden project is led by brainbot labs Est.

Disclaimer: Please note, that even though we do our best to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information provided, this publication may contain views and opinions, errors and omissions for which the content creator(s) and any represented organization cannot be held liable. The wording and concepts regarding financial terminology (e.g. “payments”, “checks”, “currency”, “transfer” [of value]) are exclusively used in an exemplary way to describe technological principles and do not necessarily conform to the real world or legal equivalents of these terms and concepts.



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