How do I withdraw tokens to my on-chain account?

Withdrawal without closing


1. Initial withdrawal from the channel into the Raiden account

The first step is to withdraw the tokens from your channel into your Raiden account using the upward arrow in the respective channel. The withdrawal tx is happening on-chain to verify the accuracy of the channel balance. This requires a rough 104,000 gas, which at the current price of 85 gwei, represents an amount of approximately $30.

These tx costs are directly deducted from Alice’s Metamask account. At this stage, the tokens are withdrawn from her channel into her Raiden account.

2. Send ETH to the Raiden account to cover the token transfer fees

Additionally, sending ETH to has a standard tx cost of 21,000 gas. It represents around $6 automatically deducted from her Metamask account.

3. Transfer tokens from the Raiden account into the Metamask account

This tx will use up the previously transferred 0.00306 ETH and after validation, she will now be able to see her DAI in on Metamask.

All in all, transferring her DAI from Raiden to her Metamask account has cost Alice roughly 47$. If she was holding a total value of DAI equal or lower than $47 she would have refrained from any action as the withdrawal would not be worth it.

If you are using the Raiden Python client with the WebUI

If you still want to close and settle your channel, you simply select ‘Close Channel’, which closes, and initiates the settlement and token transfer to your wallet after the maximum 3 hour time-out.

Withdrawing RDN tokens from the UDC into your Metamask account

  1. Clicking on the ‘Manage UDC Token’ section in your ‘Account’ settings will initiate the process and communicate to the network that you plan on withdrawing those RDN tokens. This is an on-chain tx (#27), which needs a certain amount of gas fees deducted from your Metamask account.

After this tx is complete, you will be able to see your remaining unused RDN tokens in your Raiden account.

2. Before transferring the RDN tokens to your Metamask account, make sure you have enough ETH in your Raiden account to cover the tx costs of sending RDN to your Metamask account. (approximately 36,000 gas)

3. Once you have the ETH in your account, initiate the withdrawal (#28). The related tx fees will be deducted from your Metamask account.

We know the process is not straightforward yet, but it is going to improve in the near future. Do not hesitate to reach out for any support or remaining questions. We’re happy to help!

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