Raiden Community Manifesto

A statement of our vision and values, which will guide us as we move to community governance

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4 min readOct 27, 2022


We envision a future in which everyday and high-volume micropayments can be made using ERC20 tokens via decentralized networks.

We build technological infrastructure and a robust community that empowers others to build micropayment applications for any ERC20 token.

We believe Raiden’s brightest days are ahead.

We know Raiden possesses unique properties regarding latency, transfer cost, privacy, and decentralization. And that Raiden still offers one of the very best trustless foundations for payment products with massive scale. We are dedicated to discovering the use cases in which these characteristics are crucial, thus creating new opportunities for the Raiden Network to thrive.

We value individual empowerment and decentralized power structures.

We build Raiden to help people to self-organize effectively. We seek to free people from reliance on top-down power structures and their negative side effects.

We strive to avoid single points of failure and centralized control.

If a centralized component is necessary, we use smart contracts controlled by community governance.

We build together.

We know that our vision and values cannot be manifested by one person, one team or one organization. Raiden is a community, a collective effort. We each strive to employ our unique talents to make valuable contributions. We encourage other community members to do so as well.

We are welcoming and we are diverse.

We are more than permissionless. We are welcoming. We encourage anyone and everyone to contribute to Raiden. We become stronger and more resilient by welcoming diversity of views, knowledge, skills, and experience.

We are led by builders, creators and positive change-makers.

We know that someone who has no will to create and change has no right to criticize. We, therefore, give the greatest weight and credence to the ideas and proposals of builders.

We embrace innovation and challenge.

We are proud of our history of pioneering work. We always seek to remain on the cutting edge of innovation. We challenge ourselves and others to live in the future and build what is missing. We are not afraid to fail.

We envision a long future.

We are often well ahead of the curve. As a result, our work may not be ready for mass adoption just yet. We focus on the long-term sustainability of the Raiden project.

We are responsible stewards.

We are all responsible for the Raiden Trust and advising it on the most effective use of the external development fund. The goal of the Raiden Trust is to fund and support projects and parties that help build and grow the Raiden Network ecosystem, e.g. developers of alternative client implementations, helper service providers or other external projects that provide complementary or foundational components or applications that help bootstrap the Raiden Network ecosystem. (Read the full Raiden Trust deed and announcement.)

We create value — we don’t extract value or speculate.

We focus our attention and energy on building technological infrastructure which we and others find valuable and useful. We know that creating value for others results in benefits for the entire community.

We live our values of transparency and decentralization.

We build open-source software. We build a ground-up community.

We align with Ethereum community values.

We are here because we desire fairness and equality. We strive to foster ways of interacting that do not inflict violence, oppress, exploit, or extract. We believe in the power of purpose-driven communities.

We write this manifesto as a living document.

We have sought to capture our vision and values in this document. We constantly revise it as a continuous work in progress. We will adapt it as necessary to fit our changing and growing community. We seek to live this vision and value in what we build and how we work together.

Join the Raiden Forum

By voicing your views, perspectives and ideas on the Raiden Forum you directly contribute to shaping Raiden. Proposals that show considerate traction are more likely to be submitted to community voting and subsequently to also be executed on.


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