Raiden Pulse #18: Updates from July and August

Welcome back to our bi-monthly edition of the Raiden Pulse where we will guide you through our major news and updates. Sit back, relax and enjoy the reading! 😎

We nailed it

This year’s EthCC in Paris, where Raiden was one of the sponsors, was a great success. Our beloved team hit their target in UX/UI testers for the Light Client dApp and we had a good participation rate in our brand survey. Not to mention our SDK workshop, where participants had the opportunity to try out and build on top of Raiden. Last but not least: We were elected by our visitors as…

‘’The best looking booth’’

On the Tech side of things

We’re approaching the completion of what our awesome dev team set out to deliver when the Raiden Network was initially kick-started. With the upcoming Coruscant Mainnet release (yes, we’re talking about the Star Wars city-planet 🏙) Raiden will cover all the basic features and we consequently expect performance improvements.

What are the final features we’re talking about?

Glad you asked!

We have the so-called performance features which, you guessed it, are meant to improve the performance of the Raiden Network. Among those features both the Light Client and Python Client now have:

  1. Cooperative settlement — To save you some time and money.
  2. WebRTC support in the Python Client — To enable even faster transfers within the Raiden Network due to improved system communication between nodes.
  3. Secret Key encryption — enabling higher security and faster interactions within the Raiden Network.

Do not worry. You will have a more in-depth overview of these features in the upcoming Coruscant Mainnet release blog post.

You can always check out more about the new features here.

What’s next?

We are looking forward to telling you more about the awaited Coruscant mainnet release in an upcoming blog post. We are also paving the road for post release projects, which you will hear about in the near future. So make sure to stay tuned!

You too can become a true Raideneer 🦸‍♂️

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Want to join the Raiden team?

Feel free to take a look at our open positions. Looking forward to hearing from you.


The Raiden Team

The Raiden project is led by brainbot labs Est.

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