Raiden Pulse #19: Updates from September and October 2021

Hi Raideneers,

It’s time for a new Raiden Pulse where we tell you the ins and outs of what happened the past two months at Raiden. We cover everything from tech news to more general news regarding internal organization topics and community governance below. Let’s dive right in! 🤿

On the Tech Side of Things

If there is one thing you should take away from this article, it is that we’re close to the next big mainnet release of our clients.

The testing of both the Python and the Light Client has consistently been green for the upcoming releases. You will know all about the Coruscant and Krittika milestones in the imminent release announcement. In the meantime, all you need to know is that the team worked very hard the last few weeks optimizing the performance and stability of Raiden clients. The result? We’ve achieved sub-second direct and mediated transfers across continents, so fasten your seatbelts! 🌍

General Updates

We have a new team member, hooray! 🎉

Olympe, our new graphic designer, joined in October. She will be rocking the visual identity of Raiden from now on. We’re delighted to have her onboard, welcome to the team!

Additionally, you might have heard it already or even spotted them: Two of our team members attended ETH Lisbon.

Our teammates mainly focussed on participating in DAO and community governance related talks and workshops. The reason being that we are currently exploring the different options in regards to the future governance of the Raiden protocol and network.

We are still in the early stages, but the first step is to have an official community space, for which we intend to set up a Discord server. Questions, ideas and relevant information will be addressed and shared there. We also want this space to replace Gitter for technical support. In the meantime, the team will evaluate which community governance options are best suited for Raiden before proceeding. More details about all of this will be announced in the future.

Sounds interesting? Share your thoughts and ideas on our subreddit!

Last but not least, in the last week of October, we had some very productive work sessions and workshops aimed at internally establishing the strategy post mainnet release.

That’s it for this bi-monthly update. We’ll be back in January with an end-of-year wrap-up. Meanwhile, we hope you are all staying safe and sane.

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The Raiden Team

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