Raiden Pulse #21: Updates From Q2 2022

We are back with another quarterly update covering all sorts of news and progress across strategy, product, and community.

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5 min readAug 18, 2022


TL;DR — Q2 in a nutshell

  • Following our recent release on Arbitrum, we continue improving the accessibility of Raiden. Using Raiden on Arbitrum has clear advantages, which we will cover in this Pulse edition. We’re providing direct assistance on Discord for anyone who wants to test Raiden on Arbitrum or Mainnet. We have also released educational content that guides you through the process of setting up nodes on Arbitrum.
  • Product updates. The WebUI is now available for the Light Client CLI. This update makes Raiden CLI nodes easier to use by providing an optional web interface for managing nodes running in the terminal.
  • Our community is flourishing. The transition to Discord is going well! We already see improvements in several areas! 👍🏻

Strategic Updates

Raiden on Arbitum: What Do I Need to Remember?

The most significant update already announced in Q1 was the deployment of the Raiden protocol on another L2. The purpose? Improving access to Raiden and safeguarding its existence in a rollup-centric Ethereum. The Rohini version of the Light Client marks the successful release of Raiden on Arbitrum in May 2022.

L3 or L222, we leave it up to you!

If you haven’t read about Raiden on Arbitrum yet, take a look at the announcement article or refer to the key takeaways below.

Set Up Costs Drop by 35%

Deploying on Arbitrum essentially means better accessibility by decreasing the onboarding costs. We managed to get the one-time setup cost down by roughly 35%. Once set up, Raiden allows for close to free off-chain P2P transfers as usual, which is relevant for high-frequency micro transfers.

Fit for a Niche Market

The table below showcases the advantages of using Raiden over existing rollups in a pure P2P ERC20 token transfer environment. We see that Raiden on a rollup is currently the most scalable solution for highly recurring micro transfers.

Beyond the cheaper onboarding costs, Raiden is also well fitted for emerging niche markets like the IoT and M2M industries. Raiden can shine in use cases of automated, recurring micropayment like paying for storage, infrastructure access, content access, in-stream tipping in gaming, pay-per-play, etc.

Accessibility of Raiden: An Effort Beyond Tech

Moving forward, we want to make Raiden more accessible from different perspectives: product, marketing, and direct technical support.

To facilitate the use of Raiden products, we created a much-requested video tutorial on setting up a Raiden node.

Additionally, we are working on the Raiden website revamp. It will reflect the new positioning of Raiden, provide the latest updates, and give a better overview of the various Raiden products.

We will keep providing educational material and direct support to our community on Discord.

Product Updates

Goodbye to Manual Service Bundle Configuration

In April, we did a maintenance release for the stable mainnet Krttika release (v2) with these key user-facing changes:

1. Default settings are added to the Raiden Service Bundle

From now on, your client will automatically pick up a compatible server without the need to manually specify the correct parameters. As a result, users can avoid the challenges and potential mistakes of manual RSB configuring.

2. Easier installation process

It is now possible to install the CLI directly with npm or yarn.

The Light Client CLI Now Has An Interface!

In June, the team released the WebUI for the Light Client, making it easier to manage and run your Raiden nodes.

Together, the more recent v2.3 mainnet release and v3.1.0 Arbitrum release give you access to the WebUI, previously only available for the Python Client. Use - -web-ui to bring up the WebUI on http://localhost:5001/ui.

Community Updates

As mentioned in the Q1 edition of our Pulse, we launched Discord as a ‘one-stop shop’ for the community in April. Since then, we’ve grown steadily with increased positive sentiment and community engagement.

How’s The Transition Been Going So Far?

A few numbers since the Discord launch in April:

  • Response time reduced by roughly 50% from Gitter to Discord
  • Average +30% month-to-month growth on the server
  • The positive brand sentiment has nearly doubled from 17,5% to 32% within the first month and remained stable since then

If you are looking for:

  1. Answers to any of your questions
  2. Direct technical support
  3. Direct communication with the Raiden Tech and Marketing team
  4. Relevant updates and news about the project’s development
  5. Participating in the decision-making by expressing your views and opinions, voting, etc.
  6. More educational, engaging content about Raiden products

Discord has proven to be an excellent way to bring more value to our community members. It is also very useful to get direct community feedback and input.

A big thanks to our community! We are happy to see the positive progression and are looking forward to even more positive engagement in the future.

A Community Beyond Discord! 🦸‍♂️

You can also join us on Twitter and Medium to follow us closely.

If you are not familiar with Raiden yet, visit our website!

See you soon and take care!

The Raiden Team


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