Raiden Pulse #3: News from November and December

Happy new year and welcome to the third episode of Raiden Pulse, your bi-monthly update on all things Raiden!

Red Eyes Release on Ethereum Mainnet

  • On 21st of Dec, we released “Red Eyes” on the mainnet. The Red Eyes release is an alpha testing release of the Raiden Network. For more information on safety measures and usage instructions, please read the Release Announcement carefully.
  • You can download the Red Eyes release on our GitHub release page.
  • We are hosting a bug bounty for the Raiden code. Find all information about scope and bounty rewards at If you have discovered a critical vulnerability please follow the process outlined on the bounty website and send an email to For all other issues, please create a bug report in github using our bug report template. Once we receive a bug report, we will look into the issues and update you as soon as possible.
Release Day — Pushing the “Red Eyes Button”

Development Update

  • For a short 2018 development review, see the last weekly GitHub update of 2018 on Reddit.
  • Before releasing Red Eyes on the mainnet, the team focused on intensively testing the software and fixing bugs. As part of this process, testnets v0.16.0 — v0.19.0 were released (Sherlock, Zigzag Street, Farnsworth, Hawker and Polaroïd).
  • If you are interested in more in depth development updates, make sure to follow the [GIT] Weekly Updates posted on Reddit by u/BOR4 or u/Mat7ias.
  • After having delivered Red Eyes, the team shifted the focus towards the next milestone “Ithaca”. Amongst other tasks, this includes resuming the work on monitoring and pathfinding services. We will share a separate development update covering the way towards Ithaca shortly.
  • The WebUI has been detached from the general Raiden Network repo and can now be found in a specific WebUI repo.
  • There are Raiden Explorer pages with visualizations and network statistics for the WETH mainnet token network as well as for all testnet networks: Ethereum Mainnet
    Rinkeby Testnet
    Ropsten Testnet
    Kovan Testnet
  • We published “Raiden Network Protocol Explained”, a video explaining the logic of payment channels, mediation of transfers, routing and handling of multiple pending transfers in the Raiden Network.


  • In November, Yoichi (@pirapira) and Karl (@karlb) joined the Raiden development team.
  • Yoichi supports the Raiden core as well as smart contract development. Prior to joining the Raiden team, Yoichi contributed to Ethereum as a formal verification engineer.
  • Karl is currently focusing on research and development of the pathfinding and monitoring services. Karl has multiple years of experience in software development and was working as a python developer for several companies before joining our team.
Raiden team meeting (not in the picture, but present: Loredana, Jacob and Tobias)


  • 8th — 9th Nov: Dominik and Jacob represented Raiden in Barcelona, talking at the “Discover Raiden, a lightning payment solution for Ethereum” meetup and facilitating a full day hands-on Raiden workshop hosted by CaelumLabs
  • 7th — 9th Dec: We sponsored ETH Singapore and, for the first time, hosted Raiden API prizes. We awarded $2000 in RDN for most innovative use case and $1000 in RDN for the best UX/UI. Check out what the winning teams Raidenooh and CryptoGrannies built in the respective devpost articles.
  • As part of ETH Singapore, Jacob participated in the “Scaling Blockchains in 2019 and beyond” discussion. Besides, Loredana and Jacob hosted an API workshop explaining how to build on Raiden.

What’s up next?

  • 5th — 7th March: We will give an update on the Raiden Network’s status and future outlook at EthCC. Several team members might join this presentation. Find more info about the Ethereum Community Conference on their website.

There’s much more to come in 2019, you can stay up to date about further events via our Twitter channel!


Help us by testing Raiden on mainnet and taking part in our bug bounty! To test, download the latest version of Raiden, set up channels and do off-chain token transfers. You can ask us any technical questions in gitter.

You can also help by running a Raiden node on the mainnet that is always online (a server is the best option) and has access to an Ethereum node. By doing so, you add capacity to the network.

And, as always:

  • Apply to join our team of experts: brainbot labs is looking for highly talented developers that are as excited about payment channel networks as we are. If you want to be part of an open ecosystem right at the technological frontier, please have a look at the open positions and apply. To learn more about brainbot, have a look at their “2018 - Year in Review” blog post.
  • Refer somebody: You know one outstanding individual that would fit one of the job profiles? Then please share the open positions with her/him or refer the person to us.

Your support and feedback means a lot to us!

Latest Reading

Last but not least, in case you missed the Raiden talk at DevconIV or simply want to rewatch it, you can now do so. “Getting to a production ready Payment Channel Network for Ethereum” by Lefteris is available online.

So long,
The Raiden Team

Make sure to stay up to date by following us on Twitter and Medium and joining the conversations on Reddit and Gitter!

The Raiden project is led by brainbot labs Est.



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