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4 min readMar 3, 2023


Raiden Is Feature-Complete

The Raiden Network is built to provide a fast, secure, scalable and decentralized payment solution for nano and small payments. With the completion of the Coruscant & Krittika Releases in late 2021, the Raiden Network project scope was fully implemented and became the fastest and most inexpensive ERC20 transfer solution available. And now, the Raiden Network is proud to announce the relaunch of Raiden Trust Grants, which support individuals and projects building on Raiden, discovering new use cases, and increasing adoption.

Raiden Trust

The Raiden Trust is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and strengthening the Raiden ecosystem. It provides support, guidance, and network connections to projects and individuals working on Raiden applications or infrastructure. The main focus of the Raiden Trust is to support projects that demonstrate use cases for the Raiden protocol and help grow the Raiden Network.

The Raiden Trust is governed by a trust deed outlining its scope of operation and the regulations it must abide by.

Raiden Trust Grants

The Raiden Trust currently holds RDN 16 million, which may be spent in the form of Raiden Trust Grants. The Raiden community can discuss and vote on grant proposals. If a grant proposal is approved by the community and meets the Raiden Trust governing documents, it will be funded by the Raiden Trust.

Applications are reviewed, and grants are awarded on a rolling basis. Grants are awarded in USD equivalent and disbursed in RDN tokens. An individual or company may apply for a second (or third) grant upon the successful completion of earlier grants.

Raiden Trust Grants are a fantastic opportunity for individuals and companies to get involved in the Raiden Community, build the Raiden Network, and shape the future of decentralized payments.

Eligible Projects

Raiden Trust Grant can support a wide range of projects, including:

Community Growth: Projects that focus on growing and strengthening the Raiden community. This could include initiatives aimed at attracting new members, building community spirit, or supporting existing members.

Tech Development: Projects that focus on developing new technologies or improving existing ones. This could include projects that build key infrastructure components (see the example of the Raiden Rust Client below) or improve the performance and security of the Raiden Network.

Building dApps: Projects that focus on using the Raiden Network to build new decentralized end-used applications or services. This could include projects that use the Raiden Network to provide decentralized peer-to-peer payments, exchanges and other DeFi dApps, trade associations, local reputation systems, or other services.

Marketing Growth: Individuals or groups that focus on promoting the Raiden Network and increasing awareness of Raiden. This could include projects aimed at improving the network’s brand, creating marketing materials, or running advertising campaigns.

Current Grants

The Raiden Trust has already awarded one grant to a developer building the Raiden Rust Client, which will operate parallel to the existing Raiden Python Client. This project aims to introduce even greater scaling and efficiency to the Raiden Network, unlocking additional use cases. Upon completion, the code for the Raiden Rust Client will be published open source under an MIT license, allowing anyone to fork it and/or continue building on it.

Apply For A Grant

To apply for a Raiden Trust Grant, follow the simple steps below. The entire process will take 4–6 weeks from submission to disbursement. And the Raiden Network team will be on call to help you at every step of the way.

  1. Submit your grant proposal here at any time.
  2. The Raiden Trust team will review your proposal to ensure it aligns with our guidelines, trust deed, and applicable regulations.
  3. If your grant proposal aligns with those criteria, the Raiden team will post it as a topic on the Raiden Forum in the ‘Grants’ category. (We will not publish your name and contact information.) The Raiden Community can discuss, ask questions, and propose changes. You can engage in these discussions and accept/reject proposed changes.
  4. If the Raiden Community supports your proposal, an RDN token holder will create a Snapshot vote to formally approve your grant proposal. See the Raiden Community Vote Rules.
  5. If the RDN token holders vote to approve your grant proposal, the Raiden Trust team will contact you for a KYC/AML check.
  6. If the KYC/AML check is successful, the Raiden Grant trustees will formally approve your proposal and disburse the grant.

Submit your grant proposal here today!


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