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Premium trains are popular for its speed, direct routes and covering long distance journey in less time duration. Premium trains in Indian Railways provide all on board facilities and comfort to the passengers. Currently, there’re more than 140 trains catering in this segment operated by the Indian Railways. Gatiman Express, Hamsafar Express and Suvidha Express trains are listed top in the premium trains’ section. Apart from the list, all the Rajdhani /Duronto/Shatabdi Express trains are also included in the same list. The luxurious coaches, clean toilets, bedroll, wider berth, high-speed running capacity and food availability in train make it special and unique in the list. What goes common with these trains is the “Dynamic Fare Pricing” of the journey tickets. Means, the ticket prices change according to the availability of the berths in these particular trains. Dynamic pricing is also associated with “Flexi-price” that is applied while booking train tickets in these premium trains. The same pricing goes equal with the Premium-Tatkal ticket booking in other mail/express trains under premium tatkal reservation quota.

Dynamic Pricing in Premium Trains
Dynamic Pricing in Premium Trains
Dynamic Fare Pricing in Premium Trains

There are some rules and standard set by the Indian Railway department according to which dynamic price functions and made available for booking. Once the ticket is booked, a 10 digit PNR number is allotted and mentioned on the ticket. Passengers traveling in premium trains can also order food in train via food ordering apps and enjoy the benefit of e-catering. If you are looking to book tickets in premium trains, then you must know about the Dynamic pricing rules applied on these trains.

Dynamic Fare pricing in Rajdhani/Duranto trains:
The base fare in Rajdhani and Duranto trains will be charged till the 10 % of the berths are reserved. As soon as 10 % of the total berths are reserved; the price will shoot up by the next 10 % up to the next 10% of the train berths sold. The fare of the tickets keeps increasing till 50 % of the berths sold in these trains. Once 50% of the berths are reserved or sold; then the price may increase by five times higher than the base fare of the ticket. The lowest fare is charged when the passenger book tickets during initial reservation time which starts till the time of 10 % of the seats sold. The base fare keeps increasing with the percentage of total seats being reserved by the passengers.
Important: The price of the Executive Class and AC 1 tier coach remain unchanged even in the dynamic ticketing. The dynamic prices are applied only in 2nd sitting, AC chair car, sleeper, AC 3rd, AC 2nd coach classes.

Dynamic Fare Pricing in Shatabdi Trains:
The dynamic fare pricing is also applied on Shatabdi trains. The fare is charged in the same fashion as the other premium trains. In the Shatabdi trains, the base fare is changed until the 10 % of the total seats sold and then the price keeps increasing with each next 10% of the reservation made in the particular train. However, the dynamic prices are charged with AC chair car coaches, the executive class coach prices remain the same as the base fare.
Note: Dynamic prices include only the price of the tickets. Additional charges such as reservation charges, superfast charges, taxes and catering charges has to be borne by the passenger. The dynamic price excludes other supplementary charges.

Things to know about the dynamic pricing

The entire berth left unsold or unreserved in premium trains till the final train charting is open for Tatkal reservation before 24 hours of the trains’ scheduled departure.
The price of the Tatkal ticket is fixed to the last price of the ticket that is sold for that train. Means, If the last train tickets were sold at INR 2000 in 3AC, then the tatkal tickets will be priced INR 2000/ ticket in the 3AC coach.
If the berths are sold only 20 % of the total seats available in train, then the tatkal ticket will be priced at the same price in which the tickets were sold at that time.
The cancellation and refund rules remain same in premium trains as same as the other trains being operated by the Indian Railways.

Recent Updates on Premium Trains’ Dynamic Fare Pricing:
High prices in premium trains have led higher number of vacant berths. To deal with such situation, the Indian Railways have revised the dynamic fare pricing in some of the premium trains. The changes have been revised in 2019. All of these changes and detailed here.

The dynamic fare prices will be withdrawn from those trains that are running with more than 50 % vacant seats on a monthly basis for the next 6 months.
Almost 142 premium trains are operated by Indian railways among which almost 35 trains have been made free from dynamic pricing as a pilot project to check the traffic influx in these trains.
The maximum dynamic price is also set as four times higher than the base fare in those trains which are yet running with dynamic pricing. Earlier, the tickets of these trains were charged five times higher than the base fare on a maximum rate.
These revised schemes will be reviewed for the next 3 months and the dynamic prices may get lower in other trains too.

Premium trains provide high class comfort and facilities to the passengers and that’s the reason why they are preferred most. The reduced dynamic prices and removal of dynamic price from selected trains will make it affordable for the passengers to avail these facilities. Whenever you are buying tickets in premium trains, try to get a confirmed ticket for a good journey experience. You can also check out the PNR status of your tickets to get updates on your ticket status. In case of any change in the journey, route, coach class or berth; it will be reflected in your PNR status.


Planned to Travel via Indian Railways, Get all Your Train Related Queries at One Place like PNR Enquiry, Train Running Status, Online Food Ordering and Traveling Suggestions & Tips.

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Planned to Travel via Indian Railways, Get all Your Train Related Queries at One Place like PNR Enquiry, Train Running Status, Online Food Ordering and Traveling Suggestions & Tips.

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