How to Pray for Rain

We are so excited for what God is going to do at Rain Conference 2016 this year; we know that October 27th, 28th, & 29th are going to be days that impact us to do amazing things. In the months that lead up to Rain 2016 we plan, we organize, we strategize, and we promote — but we are nothing without prayer. If we want to see the women of our county and our surrounding cities changed then prayer has to come first above all things.

So how exactly do we pray for Rain? We pray with power, authority, and specificity. Ladies, today we challenge you to pray for Rain 2016 with a bold faith and huge expectations. We know that God will meet us here with blessing if we hunger for Him like never before. Here are some things that you can pray for leading up to October.

Salvations: A conference is more than inspiration and simply gathering with people we love, our ultimate goal is to see the lost find their home in Jesus. Pray for the broken and hurting to be set free.

Anointing: Pray that God would set us apart so powerfully that women all over would seek what God is doing here.

Our Friends & Family: Pray that God would give us the courage to invite the women in our life who need a fresh touch from God.

Women We Don’t Know: Pray that God would put women in your path throughout the next few months and give you the courage to invite them, co-workers, strangers, your waitress, anyone. He will give you a burden for them.

  • Conference: That these 3 days of worship, God’s word, prayer, and healing would set a fire in the hearts of women all over our city.

If He did it before He can do it again. 
The best is yet to come — Enter this Rain 2016 season with a bold faith, and do everything you can to invite as many as you can.

What you have in you is powerful, 
so don’t hold back from what God is going to do.

Head to to register for free today.

See you in October Ladies!


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