iOS & Android v3.3 update

Rustem Mussabekov
May 9, 2019 · 3 min read

First of all, thank you so much for the huge support that I received in the previous post! It means a lot and inspires me to work further on the project.

Last update happen over a year ago and it lacked many features, and have contained some annoying bugs. But it’s all in the past! Updates will arrive more frequently. In this post I will highlight the changes that have been made in version 3.3.

Upload images

Now you can upload photos from storage or save them from other apps (using the share menu). This feature is especially important on mobile devices, because we often take pictures or screenshots of something that inspires us. Remaining space for uploads is now visible in settings tab ;)

Edit URL or add bookmarks from the app

Ability to change URL is an essential feature in bookmarking app. Many our competitors lack this feature, our app too. But now it’s possible in latest update.

Besides that now you can add new bookmarks right from the app, without using share extension.

Peek and Pop / iPad optimized layout

Press a little deeper on bookmark to see preview without having to actually open it. This feature is supported on iOS devices with the 3D Touch capability.

On big iPad screen now you will see collections and bookmarks side by side. More iPad specific features will arrive in future updates.

Search improvements

Search tab now have autocomplete, so you can find specific tag more quickly.
Collection list now have a search bar, this especially useful in share extension.

Better Dark mode

In previous version some screens in dark mode had glitches. Now every screen looks great with dark mode. Including share extension!

Plus, if you have AMOLED or HDR display, select a special optimized theme, this will save your battery ;)

Performance and stability improvements

Our app made with React-Native. It’s cross-platform framework to make native iOS and Android apps with JavaScript. Android version always been packed with very old JS runtime library. But now I replaced this library with latest one, only this will increase startup speed and overall performance for 20–30%. With other improvements Android app now perform faster than ever!

On Android many users experienced crashing when main app and share extension is open at the same time. Now this bug completely fixed!

On iOS share extension is constantly crash due to very strict memory limits. This can’t be fixed in one day, but I did many rewrites and optimizations so crashes should be fixed now. I will continue investigation of this issue.

In general, version 3.3 is most stable and performant release so far!


I decided to open source our iOS and Android app to be more transparent in terms of what app exactly do on your device, plus anyone could track development progress and of course contribute! If you find a bug or have improvement feel free to submit an issue or pull-request on GitHub.

What to expect in the next update

  • Ability to reorder collections
  • Ability to change Share extension behavior. So you can configure to save bookmarks automatically to particular collection.
  • iPad drag’n’drop support
  • Masonry layout support

Leave in the comment your most wanted features or improvements for iOS or Android app.

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