Reorder Bookmarks, Filter Collections, Upload/Search Icons & more

Essential features that Raindrop lacks from the beginning

Rustem Mussabekov
Oct 11, 2019 · 4 min read

Next major release took a lot more time than I expected, so I decided to gradually add all expected features in current version and in parallel work on version 5.0.

It way more simpler and faster to implement features in already working app, in comparison with full rewrite that I planned for 5.0.

So expect regular updates and feature releases in near future, like this one. I hope this update will give you a lot more flexibility, ways for customization and increased productivity.

Manual Reorder of Bookmarks

This is one of the most requested feature for years. Sorry for so long delay! Just select “Manual” option from “Sort” menu and drag to reorder bookmarks.

Besides that we have added more sorting options: By name (descending), By date (ascending)

Collections: Filter, Collapse All, Sort Alphabetically

Search field and actions are hidden by default, like in iOS. Scroll slightly up to reveal them.

Found items highlighted like in browser search. Jump between them by clicking arrow buttons.

Now you can collapse all expanded nested collections in one click! Many of you requested ability to sort collections alphabetically, now it’s possible.

In future update we will add batch operations (move, remove, merge) support for collections.

Icons Upload & Search

Previously we had predefined list of icons that you can use for collections. Obviously they not enough to cover all possible cases.

Now you can search for almost any possible icon, thanks to integration with IconFinder and Icons8, so in total you have more than 3 million icons to choose from!

You can also upload your own images from desktop or from the web by URL. This new icon popup works both for collections and bookmarks.

Redesigned bookmark details

Previously domain and collection are showed in right corner in web version. Extension doesn’t have this info at all. Now all important information is stacked in beautiful, more readable way in all platforms.

Now you can find out who added bookmark in shared collections, name of author is showed in the bottom.

Exact date of creation of bookmark is now visible too.

Windows & macOS app

Windows app is back with regular updates! Our building process is significantly improved and now it’s easy to distribute for different platforms.

You need to reinstall our apps manually to get latest version and have further updates!

Download macOS or Windows app

If you interested in Linux support, please help us in deciding how to distribute app in convenient way. Snapcraft looks promising, any one using they store?

Other improvements

  • Tags now correctly sorted by name

Follow us on Twitter to receive small updates and details about every new feature we work on.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports please send them to our Feedback page.

All in one bookmarks manager

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All in one bookmarks manager

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