Count the Reasons

I’ve been counting the ways I am Second has blessed so many people recently. There’s no question why I am Second is here for the masses — it’s part of the divine plan. It’s part of the plan to grow people who never thought they could blossom, to show people they’re loved and here for a reason. So then I thought, “What are the reasons why we should run in the I am Second Run? Gosh, the list could go on for hours…”

So here is that list, just some of the many reasons you should run or walk on Nov.1 and grab some friends to join. (As if you even needed any more reasons to join in the fun.)

  1. Get a little exercise in. That’s a given.
  2. Get a little fresh air. Get away from your TV’s, computers, Wiis ….
  3. Burn off the Pumpkin Spice latte. Admit it, you’ve had like five already.
  4. Detox from all that candy you’ll eat Oct. 31.
  5. Lose a little before you gain a little this Thanksgiving.
  6. Show off that I am Second gear you have.
  7. Network with people who share your passion for living Second.
  8. Warm up with former NAVY SEALS. (chance of a lifetime!)
  9. Raise awareness. Duh.
  10. Help raise funds. I am Second is a non-profit, after all.
  11. Spend quality time with your kids. All ages can participate.
  12. Get involved no matter where you are. See the Run Anywhere option!
  13. Get some service hours in. The run is still looking for volunteers.
  14. Be part of a team. Who doesn’t want a team? A “Second” family?
  15. And lastly….
Because we need to reach the masses, and I am Second has completed the first lap of that race. The films inspire and people are changed. Now the baton is passed to you, us, the movement. We need to carry the torch together! Olympic-style, like nothing can stop us, like as if He even needed our help. Yet He asks us to get involved. So let’s answer loudly and make sure our shoes hit the pavement.

Register Here.

— Over and out,


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