Join the First Ever LA Blockchain Week

We are now just under three weeks away from the third StartEngine Summit on October 19th. The Summit will be the kickoff event for the first ever LA Blockchain Week, solidifying the city as a technological hub for blockchain innovation and solidifying StartEngine’s place as an industry leader, both for ushering this innovation in and educating and helping entrepreneurs get access to capital so they in turn can grow and develop their own applications of blockchain technology.

I have locked in an incredible roster of over 50 speakers with the help of my team, and we are lucky to have the support of our sponsors and media partners to make this event happen. Our most recent speaker additions include Anu Bhardwaj from Women Investing in Women, one of the largest female organizations focused on the economic empowerment of women, Richard McBeath from Masterworks, a platform that lets everyday investors own pieces of famous paintings from Warhol to Monet, and Mike Belshe from BitGo, a technology company solving custody issues for institutional players in cryptocurrency.

If you are interested in the future of financial markets and wonder what the stock market will look like in 10 years, buy your ticket to the Summit and learn firsthand what that future will be like. The summit will be held at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica and will be an all-day event. The first 20 people to use the code “HOWARD50” will get 50% off their ticket. Buy yours now at