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The SEC Qualified StartEngine’s Raise

Dear Readers,

I am thrilled to announce that StartEngine’s second Regulation A offering has finally been qualified by the SEC. As readers of my blog posts, I wanted to let you know about this new campaign. We are planning to raise $10M at $7.50 per share.

Last year was a good one for StartEngine, and we have been able to increase our revenue from $2M to almost $5M in one year. In 2018, over 250 companies launched equity crowdfunding raises on our platform, and 17,000 people invested in those companies. We also started the building of our secondary marketplace and upgraded our fundraising platform.

We feel grateful because we are able to help so many entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. It is the fuel we need to keep going. I just got off the phone with an entrepreneur who raised $1M with us recently, and I cannot tell you happy this person was. They kept talking about their new community of investors and the future plans for the company.

StartEngine’s new raise is special. We have 3,500 Owners, and we want thousands more. We increased the price per share to $7.50, which is a 50% increase from over a year ago when we launched our first $5M campaign in late 2017. With our revenue results and accomplishments, we feel the new price per share is in line with our platform’s potential.

We are continuing our popular Owner’s Bonus program, in which Owners who invest at least $1,000 in StartEngine receive for one year a 10% bonus in shares in all participating Regulation Crowdfunding offerings when investing during the first 24 hours of new campaigns.

As we continue our journey together, I hope you will consider making an investment in our company. You can read the latest information on StartEngine and invest here.



View our offering circular here.




Words of wisdom about being an entrepreneur, raising capital and winning in the entrepreneurial game written and published by renowned entrepreneur Howard Marks co-founder at Activision and StartEngine

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Howard Marks

Howard Marks

CEO at StartEngine and co-founder at Activision/Blizzard. Raise capital with equity crowdfunding on

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