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A Few Steps Closer to Christmas…

21 December

My sweet Leslie, I love you baby girl! You are so funny, smart, caring, pretty and charming. I always love it when you wake up in the mornings and look at me and smile and say “I’m done sleeping papa, I slept all night”. Despite the fact that you may not have slept the entire night without calling on me to come in for some snuggles or to give you water or adjust your blanket, I am still so proud of you and I appreciate that you wake up with love in your eyes and adventure in your heart, ready to tackle each day.

Little Leslie, the speed demon ❤

Leslie can finally reach the peddles on her little bike and she just jams on as fast as she can, giggling and laughing as she rolls away towards adventure. When I take the handle, we jump over curbs and roll up into the grass and over dirt jumps and every kind of obstacle we can find. You grip the handlebars and squeal in delight as we laugh and explore together and just as your heart is racing, I slow down the bike and wrap you in a hug and gently kiss you on your cheek and I tell you how much I love being your father and how thankful I am to share these adventures with you. You are my everything, my little love. You and your mommy and your baby sister make my world go round and I soak up every single minute with you. 💕

Leslie helped to bake some more cookies and make dinner and in general you’ve just been a perfect little angel. We are so thankful to have you in our lives.

Leslie helped to bake some more cookies and make dinner and in general you’ve just been a perfect little angel. We are so thankful to have you in our lives.

We’re also super excited to meet baby Madison. I cannot even fathom having the same amount of love for another tiny human as I have for you, Leslie, but I know we will. Mommy is doing well, although a bit tired.

On Sunday, we visited Oldemor in Stjordal and Leslie hopped allllll over the couches and jumped and ran and played and gave Oldemor such big snuggles and hugs that it melted her heart. I hope to be even half as healthy and happy as that woman is when I am in my 80s.

As usual, I have not found the time to write much during the week, but the routine remained mostly the same:

  • Leslie gets up around 6, comes snuggle in bed with mama and papa for a little bit
  • Uses the toilet like a big girl, gets dressed, gives lots of hugs
  • Search for Rampanissen… what is that silly elf up to today?
  • Eat breakfast, take on winter clothes, rush to daycare (papa trying not to stress on time)
  • Deliver to daycare, bike to work, start the day
  • Wonder what mommy and baby Madison and Leslie are up to and hope they are all having fun and enjoying life
  • Rush home to eat dinner with my family, clean up the house and play
  • Play and snuggle and tickle and laugh as much as possible until Leslie’s bedtime
  • Pajamas, book, warm milk, snack, snuggle Leslie to sleep
  • Clean more, head to the gym
  • Come home, shower, sleep

My dear Leslie, I love so much to see the joy in your heart and how much you care for other people. Like your mother, you are a little heart on feet and I adore you more than you could ever understand. Thank you for the love and laugh and adventure that you bring into our lives. May you also view life with the eyes of a child…

  • Repeat…



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David Smith

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