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Raising Vikings

Christmas and New years

24 December — 4 Jan

Santa comes today!!! And we are soooo excited!

This morning is beautiful and although I was up loooong before the rest of the cabin with Leslie, we snuggled and remained pretty quiet. It was a bit of a long night as she woke and cried until mommy pulled her into bed and I escaped into the top bunk… but otherwise fine. She of course also was not so interested in sleeping last night and wanted to join the party, which led to some crying. However, all went fine and around 930am the whole family gathered around the table for a big breakfast.

It was a beautiful morning and just enough of a dusting of new snow to make it possible to ski. We had plenty of dried meats and cheeses and fresh breads and of course various types of herring. Fish for breakfast… welcome to Norway. :D

After breakfast, we went sledding. Uncle Tom was up first and took Leslie at lightning speed down one of the hills. I think he scared her. She didn’t cry at all, but they sure went fast. To this day, she doesn’t call him by name anymore 😂

Then, we walked Leslie to sleep in the stroller and left her out in the snow with Grandma (Mimi) on watch while Katrine and I headed to the river for our annual Christmas plunge. Despite it being warm (just above freezing), the water still felt like a bunch of tiny knives. Every year, I promise myself to be big and strong and brave and not to scream like a little girl… and yet, every year I end up screaming like a little girl. It’s really not that cold on the body, but the feet just freeeeeeze 🥶 and it hurts!

Then, we headed back to the cabin and mama snuggled by the fireplace while I went out skiing. It’s a bit icy and not perfect conditions but so nice to get out during the day and exercise. I managed to ski every day during break, racking up about 150+km (about 100 miles). Then, it was a quick shower, warm cookies and some Leslie snuggles.

Then, suddenly, there was some noise and a knock on the window outside.. “Hohoho!!! Is Leslie in there?!?!” “Yes, yes Santa!!! Screamed Leslie while hopping up into the window to see.” “Hohoho, have you been a good little girl all year? Do you promise to be nice to your new baby sister?” “yes, Santa, yes!!!” “Hohoho! Good! Can I come in? I have some gifts for you in this sack over my shoulder” “Yes Nissen, come in come in!!!”

So, Santa came in with a sack full of toys and Leslie hopped excitedly as Santa pulled gifts out of the bag and handed them to her. There were some Christmas dolls, a pony carousel with lights and music, a pair of pink headphones, a few other gifts and then… Santa asked “what have you wished for Christmas this year, my dear?” To which Leslie replied “pink skis!!!” Santa said “Hmmm Let me see my dear, if I have a pair in the sleigh…”

Santa walked back outside and after some noise and commotion, he returned with a pair of beautiful pink skis. He held them up outside the window as Leslie danced and jumped with joy. Then, he came in again and presented the skis to Leslie who put them on immediately and was soooo happy. Santa got hugs and kisses and a very sweet “thank you Santa!” before leaving to visit other little boys and girls.

For the rest of the evening, Leslie hopped and danced and played with her toys. Then, we had a delicious ribbe dinner and Leslie went to sleep to dream more about Santa.

Over the rest of the week, we had lots more food (all of the main dishes: Lutefisk, pinnekjot, rakfisk, orret and more) and lots of cakes and cookies and special treats. We skied every day (approx 150KM in total) and there was lots of board games, fun and snuggles.

For New Years Eve, we went skiing and then mama made the most delicious amazing duck breast I have ever had. I think it was the best meal I have ever eaten. We celebrated together and went to bed early ;)

Merry Christmas 🎄 🎅 and Happy New Year 🥳 , my loves!



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David Smith

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