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Christmas Parties and Taking Time to Slow Down

12 December

Dearest loves of my life, another week and weekend has flown by. I try to write in the evenings but usually by the time I finish work, I just want to snuggle on my family until Leslie goes to bed and then I go to the gym for an hour and then it’s bedtime.

We had a lot of fun over the weekend. On Friday, our company had the Julebord (Christmas party) and it was a lot of fun with all the famous Christmas dishes (pinnekjot, ribbe, etc) and then some partying afterwards ;)

Christmas feast

On Saturday, we went over to a friend’s house for a big party of making Christmas cards and playing with other kids :) It was so fun to watch Leslie run around and explore and be wild with all the other littles, especially as we got to sit and talk with other adults for a few minutes. Hahaha. They had a beautiful house with lots of play space and toys, which made it fun for Leslie to play with new things and gave us a few Christmas gift ideas (like a kitchen playhouse thingy). They jumped and ran and giggled and explored and it was so fun to watch.

Card making fun with friends 😁👍

However, there was of course some crying when one kid wanted another kid’s toy or something like that. Leslie is so darn determined that sometimes she just throws a full-on fit when things don’t go her way. We are trying to work on this, but are curious how everything will go when little sister arrives (please please please love each other and be good to one-another ❤ ).

We ended the day with Leslie sitting in mommy’s lap and making a beautiful snowman card, which we will give to Mimi & Bestefar. Leslie is such a cute, adorable little snuggle bug, She is so full of love and life and just loves to climb up in our arms and love on us. We loooove Leslie snuggles!

On Sunday, we went on family adventures together in the neigborhood, with Leslie carefully ensuring that she sat on every single swing, went down every single slide and played in every single sandbox. Eventually, she set up shop inside a red playhouse to “make some food” and then mama and I came to the window to order oatmeal, bananas, porridge, buns, tomato soup, and whatever else Leslie was cooking. We paid her in Kroner, of course and she was happy to run her little store :)

Morning adventures and Rampanissen exploits

Then, we headed home and ate lunch so Leslie could nap. We strolled around the neighborhood for a few minutes before hearing the sweet sound of baby snoring. Then, returned home to park her outside in the cold Norwegian air for a couple hours (sounds strange, but she loves it and it’s good with more fresh air).

When Leslie woke up, Rampanissen had made a sled out of popsicle sticks and was sledding down the stairs! We took a relaxing and easy afternoon, watching TV and playing inside, allowing Leslie (and us) some much needed time to just slow down a bit before the coming week. At night, Leslie got her milk and heart-shaped homemade oatmeal cookie and we sat on the couch watching a famous advent film together. Then, I took her downstairs and read a Santa book to her and kissed her on her head and we discussed the day, the weekend, and the coming day… was she happy, what would she do in daycare tomorrow, who did she look forward to playing with, etc etc.



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David Smith

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