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Daycare Meltdown and a Shift to Stricter Parenting

3 November

Dearest Leslie my angel, yesterday you had a complete meltdown at barnehage when mama came to get you. Minimum of 30minutes of screaming and laying on the ground, etc. Eventually, mama broke down in tears in front of everyone.

Unacceptable, little girl. This nonsense stops now.

I understand that you have very strong emotions and you’re good at showing them, but you cannot be a little brat and get away with it. You have been difficult now for a couple of weeks and we have reached the absolute limit. We’ve tried forcing you and that’s a disaster, we’ve tried not forcing you and that’s a disaster (and a long-term problem), we’ve tried negotiating, asking nicely, etc. but guess what… we are the parents and you are the child.

No more of this little game. I damn sure will not put up with it any longer and I will not allow you to do it to your mother. I love you both too much for that.

Tired Leslie, summer 2020.

On the upside, we ate dinner together and everything went well and then mama went to the gym for some much needed training and stress relief while you and I stayed home. You were a perfect little angel and we played well, you were very polite, there was no crying or temper, and we snuggled and read books and then I snuggled you to sleep.

At night, I snuggled on your mother while she sobbed in bed, feeling embarrassed about crying in daycare and unsure of how to handle you. This morning you were well behaved and ready to leave in good time. I think you know that you’ve crossed the boundary. Let’s keep up the good behavior and get back on track. I love you, my angel. ❤ ❤ ❤



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David Smith

David Smith

Hubby & daddy. USMC veteran. Marketing professional. Entrepreneur. I like mountains, whisky, travel and mischief. Live in Norway. Insta: @americanvikinginnorway