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Gingerbread Cookies, Cinnamon Rolls and More Tasty Treats

5 December

Good morning my loves! We had such a nice weekend! On Saturday morning, daddy and Leslie got up early and we had so much fun! We snuggled on the couch and read books, then we played with play-dough and made tasty cinnamon rolls and Leslie sat on my lap on the couch while eating a warm cinnamon roll, drinking milk and watching some kids’ TV.

I snuggled her and kissed her on her head and enjoyed some moments alone with her, soaking in the quality time. She also helped me make a fire in the fireplace and we hopped on the trampoline while singing songs. Then, we started to play with playdough when mommy called us on the phone from the bedroom. She wanted snuggles!

Morning play-dough festivities

So, Leslie and I cleaned up the play-dough and quickly made the house look like 2 children (1 small, 1 big) had not just been playing everywhere all morning long. We warmed up a cinnamon roll for mommy and went down to snuggle in bed all together. Leslie hopped on baby Madison and kissed mommy and laid in her arms as we all laughed and read a book together (Thomas the Tank Engine).

Morning snuggles ❤

Then, we all got up and dressed and we took a short walk to the store to buy the ingredients for gingerbread cookies. Leslie was so excited to have her own tiny shopping cart! And she was even more excited when she asked to buy a carton of blueberries and we said yes! So, we bought a few quick things and asked Leslie to take them from the shelves and place them in the cart… which she thoroughly enjoyed.

After finishing at the store, we headed back home and I took a quick nap while mommy and Leslie made gingerbread dough in the kitchen. After making dough and eating some lunch (mommy made delicious blueberry pancakes for all of us), we took Leslie out for a stroll around the neighborhood so she could sleep. While Leslie slept, we cleaned up the house again and did some chores.

Mommy’s tasty blueberry pancakes 🥞

After nap, Uncle Tom Eirik came over and we all had lots of fun rolling out the gingerbread, cutting out lots of fun shapes (Katrine has a lovely cookie cutter collection) and of course, eating lots of dough and making a mess. It’s so nice to really enjoy the holidays with Leslie and watch her grow and do all the fun kid things. Having a family is so much fun and it makes me so happy to be reliving so many fun memories from my own (and Katrine’s) childhood.

Mommy’s helper
Leslie loves baking and she is a great helper ❤

We love you so much Leslie and baby Madison. We hope that you both enjoy the holidays as much as we do. We hope you learn to have a joy for all the seasons and are always looking forward to what more life has to bring. You are the sunshines of our lives and we love you with all of our hearts!



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David Smith

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