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Raising Vikings

Lille Julaften

23 December

Dearest loves of my life,

Today we headed to the hytte to celebrate Jul. Leslie was so excited to see all of the family together! Mimi, Bestefar, Henrik, Tom-Eirik, Oldemor, Mama, Papa and (in mama’s belly, baby Madison). She loves to be around everyone and was so happy and full of love, laughter, excitement and joy.

We had julegrøt for dinner, which Leslie had been looking forward to for a long time, especially after all the times singing “På loven sitter nissen, spise julegrøt, så god og søt…”

We ate the whole bowl of porridge, plus spekkemat and Henrik found the mandel i grøten and won a marsipan pig 😁 🐖.. Leslie even had seconds and maybe thirds (tasty with some sugar and cinnamon yummm!)

Julegrøt! Yummm!

Everyone snuggled on Leslie and admired baby Madison and we are all so excited for a 2021 Christmas with even more babies in the cabin!

There is definitely nothing quite like spending Christmas at the cabin… it is so koselig and so nice. I am looking forward to 10 days of skiing and enjoying tasty food and a freezing swim in the river (okay, only halfway looking forward to that one).


Leslie is finally starting to understand Christmas a bit, but not completely and it is so sweet to see. She doesn’t care so much about the gifts (which is great) but loves hearing about Santa, looking for him and having so much family around ❤️ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧. She spent most of her time climbing up into various laps, snuggling, smiling, singing and then running all around the house before jumping in the next lap.

Katrine was also winner of the awesome Christmas sweater this year. Check out those lights!

Hello in there, baby Madison! ❤

There is not much snow and the road was VERY icy on the way up (luckily, we put on chains). So, we need to do some ski track recon this evening to see the conditions ;)

Looking forward to a fun, relaxing, beautiful Christmas break with my loves!



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