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“The last family trip before Baby Madison comes?”

Jan 15–17

Dear family! On Friday, we packed up the car and headed for the cabin! Woohoo! There is nothing in this whole life that I love more than family time, sunshine and adventures ❤️❤️

Upon arriving at the cabin, it was the usual routine: Mama take Leslie and start with making dinner, papa carry everything from the car and start a roaring fire in the fireplace. We made delicious homemade pizza and it was hot and ready by the time Bestefar, Mormor and Uncle Tom showed up. So, we had a nice meal together and then Leslie went about continuing her explorations of every familiar nook and cranny, ensuring that everything was right where she left it (what a memory for 2 years old!) In fact, on the drive over, Leslie told us about what she would play with and where she last left it… heck, I can’t even do that!

There was lots of snuggles and of course everyone was so happy to be around baby Madison and Leslie. I can’t wait to see these two grow up together and play and become best friends. Think of all the ski trips, forest adventures, mountain climbs and sister-sister things you two can do! We are sooo excited!

Leslie is so sweet everyday and kisses on Madison and says “I love you Madison” and gives her toys and milk bottles and practices carrying around babies and snuggling on them and pushing them around in the stroller. She is a very ready and very proud big sister!

On Saturday morning, we got extra long and nice Leslie snuggles in bed as we read books together and watched some Peppa Gris and just kos’d until about 8am. Then, we all woke up and had breakfast together before heading out for a beautiful day of sun and blue skies. We played together in the driveway with Leslie running up and down the hill and screaming with laughter and smiling and enjoying the sun.

Loving on Leslie and baby Madison before heading out for some adventures.

Leslie and mama went backcountry skiing while Terje and I headed into the backcountry for some topptur. It was a beautiful day, but a bit cold, approx-13 I think and the wind at the top of the mountain was biting. In addition, the top was quite hard and icy and the remainder of the downhill had mixtures of powder and hard snow/ice, making it a bit interesting. There was just enough snow and hopefully all the scraping was ice only and nothing else! 😬

It was cold at the top! And very icy and windy.

On Sunday, we had a family ski day. The morning started with massive papa and Leslie snuggles in front of the fireplace while the family slept. Then, mama came out and joined and we all snuggled together. Mama laid on the couch and Leslie laid on mama’s belly and kissed lovingly on Madison and snuggled on her, excitedly talking about her baby sister. Then, we went skiing all together on a perfect sunny day.

❤ ❤ ❤ Big sister Leslie ❤ ❤ ❤

Leslie is getting sooo good on skis and would ski on her own for long distance to Terje or myself or Tom and we would catch her and snuggle on her. We also took lots of beautiful photos of Leslie kissing on baby Madison. Leslie and mama and Madison and Papa and Terje and Tom all skied together and it was so fun to have all of us together enjoying some sunshine, snow, and skiing and excitedly awaiting the arrival of little baby Madison. Then, we split ways and Tom and Terje and I skied up and around to Finnkoia in beautiful sunshine and nice snow.

“If you love them, you have to learn to let them go” 😁🎿👍

It was truly a perfectly beautiful day and so nice to have all of the family together. As we skied together and held hands and watched Leslie snuggle on baby Madison and to see how proud Leslie was to be on her skis, it was just beautiful. Being out there all together, it was so clear to us that this is perhaps the last trip before Madison arrives ❤️❤️❤️❤️

At home, we loved and snuggled on each other and after I unpacked the car, we took Leslie down for a fun and smile-filled family bath time.

Our Leslie, our sweet, adorable, beautiful, GOOFBALL! ❤️🤣

I love you my family, with all of my heart!!! Thanks for a perfect weekend 😁



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