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Waiting for Snow, Cabin Trips, Thanksgiving and Christmas Prep

30 November

Hello my loves! As usual, there’s been quite a gap since the last time I wrote. We’ll start from the most recent and see what I can recall.

On Sunday evening, we decorated the house and tree. I love it! Christmas music, dancing, silly games, and Leslie had so much fun digging through the ornaments box… it was fun to watch her eyes light up with joy and mystery as she pulled out all the decorations.

Some of them were my first ornaments,and many more still from when I was a little boy. My dad shipped them over here to me a few years ago and it is just silly how happy they make me. Leslie is soooo excited to meet Santa! She hears him on the rooftop and shouts “come Santa, come!!!” and we rush out the door to look for him. Sometimes, he leaves tiny presents around the house for her.

Bestefar and Uncle Tom-Eirik (or Henrik, as Leslie keeps calling him) came over after Leslie’s nap and they played with a wooden train, danced, and we ate leftover Thanksgiving pie together. YUM!

Pie and family time. ❤

At night, while snuggling Leslie to bed and reading her a Christmas book, I explained that Santa sometimes brings presents for kids who have been good all year long and Leslie shouted “Santa, skiiiiiis! Leslie Skis please!!!” I tucked you into bed daydreaming about the times when I was little and wondering if you would lay in bed and dream of Santa and snow and reindeer and all the fun holiday things.

On Saturday, we had a nice Thanksgiving celebration. Mama has been making food and decorating the last few days and due to COVID, we are only having a couple of guests over. We had the usual dishes: delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, stuffing, gravy, some salads, pumpkin pie and this year mommy learned to make lemon meringue pie (it was delicious and makes me remember all the Thanksgivings at home).

It’s nice to be around people, especially after this crazy COVID year.

It’s fun to bring a new tradition to Norway… and fun for us to share something with others and give us another reason to spend more time together and be thankful. There were 3 other kids who also came over and it was so fun to watch Leslie play. They pulled out every single toy in the house and it was a mess, but so much fun to watch.

Must say, I believe I’ve done a nice job on the bird.

Dear Leslie, I love watching you grow and learn and explore and interact and I am so very proud of how nice you are, how caring and gentle you are and how quickly you learn. We are proud to be your parents and we love you.

Remembering anything more than a couple days prior will be a bit of a blur, but I’ll try to recap some other stuff…

  • Leslie has been sleeping the whole night long in her own bed, like a big girl (thank goodness!)
  • We celebrated the Marine Corps Birthday (NOV 10) and Veterans Day (NOV 11)
  • Xplora launched our IPO on the Oslo Børs Euronext Exchange
  • We celebrated Father’s day (I am the luckiest daddy in the world)
Leslie celebrating November 10, the Marine Corps birthday.
Father’s day ❤

We also went to the cabin last weekend and despite there not being very much snow, we had a great time. Leslie loves being at the cabin and as soon as she comes in the door, she explores her favorite places and checks if things are where she left them (what a memory for a 2yr old!).

On Friday evening, we arrived and unpacked and then ate and Mommy put Leslie to bed. Then, we snuggled and played some games and called it an early night. On Saturday, Leslie explored even more around the cabin and played with her favorite toys and then went out into the snow for some adventures and sledding. I also messed around with getting the new snow chains on the car which is admittedly better done the first time with a new chain setup when it’s not freezing outside.

Around noon, Bestefar and Mimi and Tom-Eirik arrived and the sun came out, so we went skiing while mommy and Leslie went for a walk and she slept in her stroller. There was just barely enough snow to ski, but it was still nice to get back at it. We had lots of fun and games for the rest of the evening and then played cards after Leslie went to bed.

And of course on Sunday it rained all day but we played board games and just enjoyed being together. When we left the cabin, Uncle Tom joined us for pizza dinner at home. Yum! :)



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David Smith

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