Ethnic Bridal Fashion is the fashion that embraces and represents a culture and allows one to celebrate her heritage and origin. Ethnicity is the traditional culture of all social groups. When you dress to reflect your ethnicity, you are celebrating who you are and expressing your cultural roots. Fashion now goes back to its grassroots in India. Traditional attires of the Indian culture get a modern twist and are under the fashion spotlights.

Indian Brides are known for its colorfulness and elegance. Clothes for women are made bringing out the essence of feminism. Though there are numerous outfits in each and every state based on its cultural heritage and there are many Brides who do it the same way as her mother. On the other hand there are Brides who want everything exclusive, breaking the old dressing tradition by experimenting with the new modern look.

Our look for the month of July is a Celebration of the Monsoon Brides with a perfect look designer for her.

Ethnic Fashion in this generation is a celebration of your origins, your beliefs and your customs with a modern twist. Embrace this look and Check our Rajwadi Monsoon Bridal Collection.