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LoRa Gateway in Modern Day Living

As the days go by, countries proceed to adapt with the pandemic. Offices, businesses, malls, airports, and others have resumed their work. In safeguarding the people’s safety, protocols are followed, which include face shields, face masks, temperature checks, contact tracing forms, and liters of alcohol. These protocols are all valid and appropriate, but this can be improved on and some have already been done.

QR Forms

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Instead of filling out contact tracing forms manually, QR codes have been utilized and have been made possible. By simply using your mobile and scanning the code, there’s no need to use pen and paper, which may be a little thing but it helps in lessening contact between individuals and even lessening the transfer of the virus.

Automated Sanitation

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Sensor detecting sanitation machines are widely used now, but this innovation can be further improved. Through LoRa gateways, automatic refilling of sanitation machines, or even alerting authorized personnel to refill the machine can be another enhancement to this already existing system. At the same time, this can be done with soap machines in the bathrooms. In doing this, individuals can constantly clean their hands and stay sanitized wherever they go.

Temperature Sensors

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Thermal scanners where temperature is read are now available, however this causes long lines to form upon entry, and because of this social distancing is forgotten. To solve this concern, temperature sensors can be installed around the building so that 24/7 detection of a person’s health and temperature can be monitored.

More innovations continue to be created and even existing solutions continue to improve, all of this are done through utilizing LoRa gateways.

Safety is an important aspect, much more now that the world is under a pandemic. Contribute to a secure society through solutions that solve and protect.



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