Behind the banter: 02–Side projects

It’s amazing how fast a weekly deadline can come up. We’re still trying to settle into a weekly routine for our podcasts, but for now, we hope to have a new episode every Wednesday.

We still don’t know how to use our audio equipment

This was the aforementioned episode where we Periscope’d our incorrectly set-up microphones. However, if you think the audio quality of the intro is passable, this is what you have to look forward to in later episodes. Unfortunately, for this episode, we exchanged the constant background noise of episode 1 for a clicking sound produced from an unused microphone rocking back and forth on our recording table. Sorry…

To intro or not

Internally, we are torn between doing a short intro or not for episodes. A lot of higher quality and well produced podcasts have intros (there are also other high quality podcasts that don’t have intros). Ideally, we would like to save our listeners time and start the episode as fast as possible. But, maybe there’s value to adding some additional context to the episode. Usually when we start recording with four people in front of four microphones it takes a while for momentum to build and produce quality content. Because of this, there might need to be some necessary caveats and clarifications before getting into the main conversation.

We have failed at Periscope twice

We are going to try again, it just might not be tomorrow. Whenever a Periscope broadcast goes live during our podcast recording, the quality of the content drops and the amount of distractions drastically increase. Our vision is to have a way for there to be seamless interaction between us and our listeners. Whether you have questions, immediate feedback, or want to challenge our statements and opinions, we welcome it all.

Are you our next guest?

While a big focus for this podcast is to share our internal debates and discussions, we simply don’t have the right knowledge or life experience to adequately cover certain topics that we hope to cover. It may be entertaining to listen to four of us grasping at understanding complex subject matter that’s just not the content we want to produce. Bringing in outside voices and opinions should not only be a formula for interesting content, but it seems like a great way for us to practice not being hermits.

The beatings will continue until the quality improves

We are really critical of ourselves and our work, whatever medium we are working in (I’m self-aware that my writing is awful). We have scrapped around five episodes and these first two episodes were almost left unpublished. Hopefully some of the content can outweigh the poor audio quality. There are a few episodes in the queue now, all of which sound a lot better. So please, stay with us.

We really do want to hear from you! Should we do an intro? Do you have a side project you would like to share with us? Are you our next guest? Please send feedback, questions, comments or suggestions on twitter, or via email at