Introducing: Rally Banter

When it comes to podcasts and audio recording, we have no idea what we are doing. We have a few self-proclaimed audiophiles in the office, but nothing beyond the buys-fancy-headphones type of audiophile. Our first episode is rough. There was a lot of noise in the background, we have no idea how to properly pace a podcast and we’re shooting blindly for interesting content. I’ll be the first to admit that my intro to the first episode is awful (the other takes were even worse). Maybe I was trying too hard to channel my (nonexistent) inner Ira Glass? Either way, it’s very awkward. We’re aware.

Also, and this is pretty embarrassing, we didn’t know there was a certain direction to talk into the microphones. We even streamed live video on Periscope of us talking into our fancy microphones the wrong way.

Why are we doing this?

Anytime a platform is created for one’s own voice it can come off as pretentious or entitled. That’s not our intention. Being in a office with passionate people, we have a lot of heated conversations and debates. Partially because most of us have worked together for a long time (a couple have worked on and off with each other for almost 7 years) and because many of us have similar backgrounds, some of these conversations have started to feel more like echo chambers. We want to open these conversations up to you, the listener, and provide opportunities for you to give us feedback and contribute your thoughts. We are looking forward to listeners challenging and changing our opinions and process.

We also just really like podcasts—I’m subscribed to far more podcasts than could be listened to in a day. For some time, many of us have been curious how a podcast gets made. What better way to learn than by doing?

What are we looking for?

Something that we keep discussing is episode sponsorship. In our minds, it would be great to have paying sponsors someday. Unfortunately, we don’t think the quality of the podcast is there to merit paid sponsorship yet.

However, while we’re still working on improving the podcast quality, we want to help plug listener’s side projects. Our hope, is that before every episode we can show a small project that someone has been pouring time and energy into after work. These could be small but interesting codepen demos, full on unsolicited redesigns or helpful design templates. In short: we want to help highlight any unsung work that deserves an audience.

There’s more to come

While we made some embarrassing mistakes for the first few episodes, we’re learning pretty fast (I can guarantee there will be plenty more mistakes to come). I can’t wait to share our latest recordings. They sound a lot better.

We hope this will not only challenge us as participants in this industry but also provide us with a humbling learning experience. There’s a lot of different ways this could go wrong, and likely will, but we hope the ways it could go well outweigh all of that.

While this is a podcast featuring us (for now), I can say that we are most excited about hearing from you.

Rally Banter: Episode 01 — Proxima Nova is over

We really do want to hear from you! Please send feedback, questions, comments or suggestions on twitter, or via email at