For Comms Experts: Video is Non-skippable

By Brooke Cullison

It’s easy to remember a time when video was a luxury for small advertisers, non-profits, and political advocates. But, those days are over.

Audiences crave it. In a 2018 study, 54% of consumers say they prefer video over other types of content, and it’s predicted that by 2021 80% of all Internet traffic will be video. Platforms are working overtime to accommodate it, optimizing towards video content, rolling out Facebook and Instagram Stories, IGTV, mid-roll ads, and connected TV.

While this may seem like a strain at first for new or smaller advertisers and comms shops, especially those who do not think of themselves as video producers, the opportunity to share content that inspires and connects with more people shouldn’t be overlooked.

Not convinced? Here are some reasons why video needs to be in your digital arsenal in 2019. And the good news — it is easier than ever to create compelling content.


Better storytelling in digital and social media content allows for people to connect with the message and feel empathy. Real stories (supported by facts) will resonate with audiences and persuade them. Video is an easy and effective way to convey a complex message and tell stories visually for maximum emotional impact.

I Am Possible!, a campaign that galvanized a youth-led movement across Southern California to demand more funding for youth development with a goal of helping youth reach their full potential.
Act Now for WA Students, a campaign to preserve Washington State’s growing public charter schools sector after a court ruling that would have forced their closure.

By telling stories in this format you increase the likelihood of viewers engaging with your content and allows the opportunity to develop an emotional connection to your cause. Looking to tell a story through thought leadership? Go video. AMAs, Livestream, and testimonials have been very popular with viewers.


Producing video content is more cost-effective than ever, particularly in the digital space. Thanks to new and better tech anyone can shoot an HQ 4K video with their phone. Digital is also more accessible for those looking to get their content out and reach their audience. Often, unpolished, natural-feeling content is gaining traction, so while your audience expects high quality — that doesn’t necessarily mean costly. It means compelling and connective.

Platforms are also rolling out tools to help democratize video. Facebook offers an instant video creator directly in their advertising platform and other apps like InShot can help take your content to the next level.

With Facebook’s Video Creation Kit, advertisers can create mobile-first video ads that use their existing photo assets, text overlays, and logos.

Finally, video can be whatever you want it to be! Many graphic designers know enough about motion graphics to do simple animations. This year RALLY created hundreds of short videos that helped our clients tell their story without breaking the bank. Instead of a still quote from an inspiring leader, have the quote fade in over five seconds. Creating videos doesn’t have to take a lot of time or change your entire content strategy.

RALLY Campaigns created a quick, easy-to-understand video to support Buffy Wicks for CA State Assembly, including 1x1 versions for social media. Buffy won her race in a landslide.
RALLY developed a robust digital content and advertising program to pass Proposition 68, a $4 billion water and parks bond on the CA statewide ballot in June of 2018.


Video will drive the results you want to see. Not only does it increase trust and loyalty, leading to more qualified leads and engaged advocates, but it’s also the most highly shared type of content. By including video in your strategy you are setting yourself up to make your execution budget go farther, potentially reaching more people with higher ad recall.

What we know about video:

  • increases landing page conversions by 80%.
  • increases email open rates when mentioned in the subject line.
  • is 53x more likely to increase your chances of being the top-ranked search result. (Behind Google, Youtube is now the 2nd largest search engine.)
  • increases brand awareness by 54%.

Ready for video? Here are some quick tips to stay ahead of the curve…

  • Keep all formats — especially mobile — in mind and make sure you are working with a team that is creating content you that can work on multiple platforms. While there are some 16:9 (horizontal) purists, mobile video views surpassed desktop all the way back in 2017. Optimize your videos for digital by producing your content in square and vertical formats.
  • Use data to your advantage. Digital provides data and insights so you can truly know your audience and target them with personalized messages. Use this to your advantage. Is there a segment of your audience brand new to your cause/organization? Send them an intro video. Is there another segment of longtime supporters ready to mobilize? Send them an inspirational video with a rallying cry.
  • Images matter as much sound. Don’t forget that 85% of Facebook video views happen with the sound off. Ensure you have captions or your video producer takes this into account.
  • Get the most out of your followers. User-generated content stands out online (usually less produced and more authentic) and is a smart engagement strategy. GoFundMe uses their campaign organizers user-generated content to raise awareness of their campaigns and drive donations.

In an age where the camera is the new keyboard, RALLY is here to guide you through the next step.

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