Rally Creator Innovative Use Rewards — Week 1

In April, the community approved a proposal to reward creators for innovative uses of their Creator Coins. With a pool of up to 50k $RLY per week to use for rewards, the Creator Review Council excitedly set out to find creators with innovative use cases.

To submit a use case for consideration, let us know here: https://forms.gle/So3EK4fc1iAcMr8LA

On April 26, the Creator Review Council discussed and approved the first batch of use cases for rewards.

WEEK 1 Rewards Total: 27500 $RLY

5000 $RLY

The following creators received a 5k $RLY reward for their use case(s).

$ART coin creator, The Most Famous Artist, worked to get OpenSea to accept $RLY for his group’s “Stoned Elon” NFT project, where people could buy variations of a base concept by numerous different artists. Bonus of 2500 $RLY for going above and beyond. https://opensea.io/collection/stonedelon

Made a song, “Hell Yeah,” that included community submitted vocals, and then made a limited number (20) of physical commemorative flexi discs for sale by coin. Also, packaged and sold 10 mystery boxes.

Wax Motif, a music producer and DJ from Sydney, Australia, dedicated a website with info about all the perks for their coin: waxmoney.com

2500 $RLY

The following creators received a 2500 $RLY reward for their use case(s).

Put together a multi-unit merchandise campaign purchasable with their coin. Created education for it via Instagram and Twitter. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMp6LT0L-Pn/

Creator JVCKJ had a new single, “FULL COURT,” for release and offered a limited number of seats to an exclusive Discord listening party with fans before the single’s full release.

1000 $RLY

The following creators received a 1k $RLY reward for their use case(s).

TMFA offered up a bounty of 20 $ART to develop 20 emojis for the channel. Now one of the Emoji’s is used for voting in the community Discord channel.

Expansion of $BOT coin to the JOVO open source AI voice community, Reward of 25 BOT for community contributor of the month.

Donating the proceeds of her $RLY rewards to the StartupAZ Foundation. She’s connecting her online community to her offline community, which is on Slack and Facebook under the hashtag #yesPhx.

Implementation of the PassKit Apple Wallet.

For launching his coin with the website https://theplaycoin.com/learn-about-play/.

For more on the Creator Innovative Use Rewards program, see https://wiki.rally.io/rally-io/rally-network/creator-review-council/creator-innovative-use-rewards-program.



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