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Rally Digest #11 (February 8, 2021)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally Network.

Rally Registry:

This week, two new Creator Coins launched:

Please welcome:

  • Livibee/$BEE: Livibee is an Australian Gamer/ Cosplayer that is very passionate about crypto.
  • Jeremiah Owyang/ JOW: Jeremiah is a writer, public speaker, and active on social networks like Twitter, Clubhouse, Instagram, Facebook, and beyond. He was featured by Time Magazine as one of the top 150 Twitter accounts to follow. He’s a serial founder and works in an Airstream in his backyard in Silicon Valley.

Project Updates:

(Video) Creators, Artists and Athletes Discussing Their Creator Coins with Fans

Rally Creator Coins empower creators, artists, athletes, and brands to launch their own cryptocurrencies to strengthen fan engagement and tap into new monetization opportunities. In a short period of time, we’ve seen an array of creative rollouts and unique benefits for holders. Check out a compilation of the most memorable to date

Rally co-founder Named One of CoinTelegraph’s Top 100 People in Crypto

Rally co-founder Kevin Chou was named to CoinTelegraph’s top 100 people in crypto feature. Read the full piece here.

Missed Friday’s Community call? Watch it Here

Special guest speakers include Vibe, who highlighted the launch of his Creator Coin, and Rally advisor Josh Katz who walked the community through plans to onboard more artists.

Community Treasury and $RLY Grant Proposals:

Proposal to Change Creator Coin Restrictions

Proposal seeks to make changes to certain restrictions imposed on Creator Coin to increase flexibility and benefits, but maintain protections, for Creators and their communities. Status: PASSED

$RLY Grant- Josh Katz Music Agency

As an existing Rally advisor for the music vertical, Josh Katz successfully brought on Portugal. The Man and helped guide them towards a successful launch. He is all-in on social tokens and wants to start an agency specifically geared towards bringing big name musicians onto Rally. Proposal aims to offer an Initial Grant: 250k $RLY and additional $RLY grant contingent on completion of fundraise. $RLY grant amounts to 50% of the USD value of fundraise, up to a max of $250k worth of $RLY. Status: PASSED

Funding Request: NBA2K Onboarding Specialist

This proposal is to hire an NBA2K OS who will work in partnership with the Business Development team to establish a baseline for strong representatives. The NBA2K OS will receive 5,000 $RLY for each onboarded creator, for a total of 30,000 $RLY. Comp will be disbursed when each individual creator’s launch date is confirmed, after completing education, plan development, and setup for the launch. Status: PASSED

Here is a snapshot of the Rally Community Treasury (as of 02/08)



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