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Rally Digest #12 (February 15, 2021)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally Network.

Project Updates:

(Video) Vibe discusses launch of VIBU Coin

Vibe, a StarCraft II Pro Player/variety streamer that offers coaching lessons, community competitions, and educational content for his ride-or-die fanbase, joined a recent Rally Community Call to discuss the recent launch of his VIBU Coin. He’s running daily FFA tournaments for fans, and offering 1:1 wagers for doubling their ViBU coins. Watch the video here.

Join the Team!

Rally is on the search for three creator development directors in Music, Video and Podcast. More details here.

Missed Friday’s Community call? Watch it Here

Topics this week included new creators; new Rally Go-To-Market leader, Bremner Morris; KPIs; community proposals; developer ecosystem with special guest speaker Masha Vyazemskaya, Head of Communications for Rarible, discussing the NFT market. Watch the full meeting here.

Community Treasury and $RLY Grant Proposals:

Community Funding Proposal: Engage Bremner Morris for Go-To-Market Success

Proposal aims to retain Bremner Morris (formally of Patreon) for Go-To-Market success. Bremner would oversee sales and marketing campaigns that will introduce Creator Coin to new, diverse creators and networks, and operationalize creator onboarding, enabling creators to successfully onboard and drive adoption of their Creator Coin economies. Additionally, Bremner would help increase the awareness of Rally’s core value propositions through content marketing and brand marketing initiatives. Status: APPROVED

Treasury Funding Proposal — Creator Coin Content Curation System

Proposal aims to create a Content Curation system that will have applicable use not only for record labels and music artists, but also for streamers, and esports teams to organize songs and video clips for contests within their communities. Status: APPROVED

Implement Community Treasury Management Policy

Proposal aims to implement a Community Treasury Management Policy to address the best interests of the Rally Community by providing policies by which the funds in the Community Treasury will not remain idle, while also focusing on sufficient stability to avoid major losses. Status: APPROVED

Snapshot of the Rally Community Treasury (as of 2/15/21)



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