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Rally Digest #15 (March 08, 2021)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally Network.

Rally Registry:

This week, four new Creator Coins launched:

Among Us Global/ $CREW- Among Us Global is one of the largest Among Us discord servers. The Crew coin will be a currency with which you can buy custom VC’s, roles and many more from the server

ARK/ $ARK- ARK’s music is affecting, funky, and infinitely memorable. His lyrics present an unflinching account of his experiences and beliefs, covering everything from social anxiety and depression, to love and commitment, to domestic violence, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Dan Schawbel/ $WORK- Dan Schawbel is a New York Times bestselling author, Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence, workplace researcher, global keynote speaker, podcast host, and career expert.

Joseph Jaffe/ $JAFFE- Joseph Jaffe is a thought leader, keynote speaker, 5-time author (his latest book: ‘Built to Suck — the Inevitable Demise of the Corporation…and how to save it?’), and as of March 2020, the host of CoronaTV: a show born in a global pandemic, but not defined by it.


Rally in the News:

Industry News Round-Up:

  • Kings of Leon’s album dropped last week in non-fungible token (NFT) form, but the fun isn’t over. The drop for six “golden ticket” NFTs has been extended, meaning it’s available until the end of today. They will grant the holders four front-row tickets each to any Kings of Leon show anywhere in the world, plus lots of other perks. The tokens are being sold on YellowHeart, the music platform founded by Rally adviser Josh Katz.
  • MintFund, a project aimed at increasing inclusivity for artists in the NFT space by active social token builders Jess Sloss, Carlos Gomes and others, successfully raised 7 ETH to develop a reserve auction feature. They raised the funds in the form of NFTs on Mirror, the new crypto-native publishing platform from ex-a16z Crypto investor Denis Nazarov.

While NFTs are all the rage, a few big-picture thinkers have been framing them in the context of social tokens…

  • Chris Dixon at a16z dropped a typically erudite analysis, noting that within the rubric of “one thousand true fans,” it’s likely that virtual economies will be a mix of fungible and non-fungible tokens. “Someday every internet community might have its own micro-economy, including NFTs and fungible tokens that users can use, own and collect,” he wrote…
  • …Then mega NFT collector and social token issuer WhaleShark had a similar take in an epic Twitter thread, laying out how fungibles and non-fungibles build value from one another.
  • Finally, Rally advisor and Rabbithole co-founder Brian Flynn weighed in on where social tokens go in an NFT world. Fractional NFTs might turn out to be an effective way to align a community around a project instead of open-ended social tokens, he writes.

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