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Rally Digest #16 (March 15, 2021)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally Network.

New Creator Coin Spotlight:

Xtina (Christina) Holder/ $WOMXN

  • Founder at WOMXN IN BUSINESS
  • Created the largest women’s club on Clubhouse
  • Hosted the first White House event on Clubhouse


  • Bot Coin is used by a global community of bot creators to reward users and create fans while facilitating human-to-bot and bot-to-bot interactions.


  • Talk Club, OG Club, Community Club, Startup Club, and now GOOD COIN are all meant as infrastructure to help Clubhouse become ever better for everyone.

Francine Hardaway/ $KARMA

  • Co-founder Stealthmode, partner for entrepreneurs
  • Writer, teacher, foster parent, world wanderer, geek,angel investor, startup coach, puppy mom.

Ann Handley/ $WORD

  • Ann Handley is a marketing leader, author, speaker, and the world’s first Chief Content Officer.


  • Rally co-founder Kevin Chou and Gen G COO Arnold Hur highlighted the massive gaming economy and how blockchain is poised to fuel even more growth at the Global Investor Conference. Watch the 30-minute session here.
  • Rally creator Steven Van Belleghem highlighted why he launched $CXM. Read his blog post here.
  • Rally creator Mitch Joel highlighted why he launched $WRITE. Read his blog post here.

Rally in the News:

  • New York Times- Included Rally in a piece on new ways creators are monetizing, including a spotlight on Bomani X/ $BOO and FanHots/ $FAN
  • Business Insider- Business Insider included Rally in a list of 19 media start-ups that “VCs say are poised to take off in 2021”. The list (in alphabetical order) features Clubhouse, Substack, Caravan and Run The World.
  • Rolling Stone- $PTM Coin mentioned in a larger piece on Jack Dorsey selling his first tweet as an NFT
  • CoronaTV- Rally co-founder Mahesh Vellanki appeared on CoronaTV hosted by Joseph Jaffe/ $JAFFE to discuss the creator economy.
  • Digital Marketing- Rally creator Gary Henderson/ $GARY gives an overview of Rally and Creator Coins in a larger piece on the creator economy.

Industry News:

The creator economy is so hot right now, it’s intersecting with everything from NFTs to social tokens:

  • Atelier Capital’s Li Jin coined “the passion economy” when she was at her last gig, investing for a16z. Since then she’s come up with another trendy tagline: “the creator middle class,” to describe a more equitable creator economy. She worked with Brooklyn-based artist Annie Zhao to turn that notion into an NFT linked to an animated image, which promptly sold for over $25,000 in ETH.
  • Index Ventures’ Rex Woodbury takes Emily Ratajkowski’s illuminating essay for New York magazine from last September on the nature of ownership of an image as a jumping off point to discuss the potential for social tokens in a creator economy. Suppose you were an early fan of Billie Eilish from her YouTube days, and you bought her new $BILLIE token? You could profit from your early discerning taste, he says.
  • How did we get to the creator economy, anyway? Clara Lindh Bergdorff of Firstminute Capital describes the shift from the attention economy (we are the product) to the creator economy (we make the product). She highlights the benefits of the long-tail of creator economies: smaller groups, but more engagement, deeper community bonds, stronger fan relationships — all excellent metrics for a social token community, if you ask us.
  • Reddit’s creator product-lead, Peter Yang, took a deep dive into social tokens last week. In an epic tweetstorm, he goes from picking a platform (yes, like Rally!), to picking out current social tokens, to describing the risks and benefits. He also put together a massive blog post that goes into greater detail. Worth an upvote.
  • This next one is a head spinner: Mario Gabriele, he of the influential yet fun business newsletter The Generalist, is tokenizing his analysis of the paperwork Coinbase filed to go public. These are $Generalist tokens, issued through the new Web3 writing platform Mirror. These tokens grant the holders to a series of NFTs created by the artist Jack Butcher, who will work with Gabriele on interpreting his Coinbase analysis. These holders get a cut of future sales of those tokens. Today, the experiment hit its limit of 20 ETH, or about $36,000. This pot will be split among Gabriele, Butcher, and other analysts Gabriele invites to join the fun.



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