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Rally Digest #17 (March 22, 2021)

New Creator Coin Spotlight:

  • Power Play is a tournament org founded to reward passionate gamers for doing what they love. $POWER to the people.
  • ADHD SuperPOWERED Girl Dad x 3. International Keynote Speaker in 76 Countries, Podcasater and Digital Futurist.
  • Founder of Misfit Mafia on Clubhouse and CEO of @isocialfanz.
  • Medical Doctor (MD, MPH), Founder Human Behaviour Club on Clubhouse, Digital Health and Health Tech advisor

Project Updates:

$RLY becomes CoinList’s First Liquid Token Sale

Rally Unveils New Campaign Functionality and Discord Tipping


  • Rally creator Francine Hardaway highlights why she launched $KARMA. Read the post here.
  • Rally creator Bret Kinsella highlights why he launched $BOT for voice and chatbot communities. Read the post here
  • Really creator Joe Pulizzi highlights why he’s optimistic about Creator Coins including his own coin $TILT. Read the post here.
  • Rally Researcher in Residence Joon Ian Wong digs into what digital spaces can learn from public libraries, parks and other spaces, according to Eli Pariser and Talia Stroud’s new research. Read the latest Pacenotes here.

Rally in the News:

  • Business Insider (Subscribers Only): Quotes Rally co-founder Mahesh Vellanki on the future of NFTs.
  • Business Insider (Subscribers Only): Highlights how Clubhouse creators are finding ways off the platform to monetize. Piece mentions Rally and two of our creators, Bomani X and Gary Henderson.
  • CoinDesk- Highlighted that Anchorage is adding support for Rally and $RLY
  • Vox: Small mention of Rally in a Vox piece that highlights Taylor Lorenz’s recent piece in the NY Times
  • DIVI Crypto Podcast- Listen to Rally’s Ray Chiapuzio discuss social tokens and the Rally project

Industry News:

  • Canadian electronic music producer Blond:Ish dishes to Billboard about her digital detoxes, plastic elimination (she calls it “plastic surgery”) and why social tokens are going to be huge for musicians: “Considering that in the future every artist will have their own social token, you don’t want to sleep on this!”
  • Media and crypto maven Jarrod Dicker has a day job figuring out the Washington Post’s commercial future; his side-hustle is figuring out the future of the entire media industry as pundit and observer. He uses Mirror, the buzzy new blogging platform built on Arweave, to drop a piece on how we’re moving towards a future where readers can finally own a piece of the media they subscribe to.
  • Joey DeBruin, the researcher in residence at social token incubator Seed Club, has a piece in much the same vein. He discusses the potential for ownership of royalty flows to be embedded within crypto tokens — a feature that today’s biggest NFTs haven’t implemented yet. A truly creator-centric model would let both fans and creators participate in the royalty revenue stream, he argues.
  • Speaking of Seed Club, the word is it’s planning something big at the end of the month. Its community is putting the finishing touches on a major conference that brings together creators, investors and social token issuers that it will announce soon. Join the Seed Club Discord to find out first.
  • Something remarkable has happened with the $FWB social token: Its community has voted to replace its existing social token with a new one, called FWB Pro, following a major hack that crashed the price of its original token. The community, started by the digital creative Trevor McFedries, has become a haven for thinkers, artists and other online types. Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda has even been spotted on its Discord noodling on NFTs. The token swap shows the resilience of a social token community in the wake of a potentially catastrophic incident.

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